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Choosing Your First Sex Toy

At Randy Fox, we know the importance of sexual pleasure, not only for its health benefits, but it also ensures you become comfortable with yourself and/or your partner. Sexual pleasure is one of the few fundamental things humans can enjoy, so why not make the most out of it? It's what feels right, what feels good, what makes you comfortable as well as the look you need and want. Choosing a sex toy should not be something forbidden or taboo, but something as personal and fun as picking out a new outfit.

Ask yourself, do you have any known allergies?

Sex toys and adult products on the market range in materials, from latex, to synthetic fur, to steel and silk. It would be a bit of a turn off to find out your brand new toy is something you cannot enjoy to the fullest extent because it aggravates your skin. Look for words like "hypo-allergenic"; they do exist! We have found that silicone based products are often the best choice when it comes to product safety.


Ask yourself, what tickles your fancy?

Do you prefer the contact of something soft and pliable, like human skin? Do you like textures, like bumps and grooves? Does temperature affect your libido? What about scents? Where you like to be touched can also be important. Certain devices, like clitoral stimulators and clips of various sorts, are designed for singular parts of the body only. Think about what sorts of scenarios turn you on. Certain male masturbators have a bumpy internal texture, which could tickle your fancy when it comes to extra stimulation. Things like daydreams and fantasies can give clues about your personal erogenous zones.

Ask yourself, does size matter?

Sex toys come in a variety of shapes and scales. Size does not always make a difference, but for some it makes the mood and feel. For male masturbators, you’ll definitely want something with an appropriate depth to suit you. Others require the need of something small and discreet. But again, this is a matter of personal preference. Also do not be afraid to experiment. We recommend starting moderately and then possibly building up to determining what it is you enjoy most.


Ask yourself, are you looking for a toy for your own personal use or partner play?

If it is for singular use, then all you really need to do is experiment and consult on your own authority. If, however, the goal is to spruce up sex between you and your partner, then you both need to sit down and get technical with each other. It is not about hurting feelings, but about discovering what it is physically and sexually that you each need and want in order to achieve the highest satisfaction in bed and with each other. Do not be afraid to go shopping together, we have aimed at making our website as user friendly as possible. Point out things that you like, explain why you like it. Or even have a good laugh at a toy just for the heck of it. Laughter is an aphrodisiac after all!


Our website is aimed at being Australia’s freshest, most user friendly, information rich and just downright awesome when it comes to everything adult. Remember to always use the guides we have provided on product pages or if ever in doubt, please feel free to contact us, we are always happy to help where we can!