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Fun Factory Stronic Zwei - Jeans Blue

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Fun Factory Stronic Zwei Thrusting Vibrator

by Fun Factory
100% Guaranteed Original and official Fun Factory product with Australian charger. Fun Factory warns customers that some retailers are selling non-Australian compliant versions of the Fun Factory Stronic Zwei. Please check with your retailer that this is not the case as warranty claims may be void. We guarantee that this product is 100% original Australian authorised stock.

Enjoy the smooth curves of the Fun Factory Stronic Zwei which features a unique thrusting function amongst its repertoire.

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Price: $195.00

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This product is found in these categories:

Anal Vibrators, G-Spot Vibrators, Prostate Stimulators


The Stronic Zwei by Fun Factory is an exciting and innovative vibrator that doubles up as an anal vibrator. The device is made of silicone which feels wonderful in any orifice, making this toy versatile for all kinds of play. It is also latex free and hypoallergenic, meaning you will never have to be concerned about allergies or any irritation.

Stronic Zwei has a built in control pad with multiple speeds and functions, including 10 different rhythms so you can mix things up a bit. The Stronic Zwei excels however with its 'naturalistic', thrusting back and forth function.

Both men and women can have an exotic time with this addition to their sex play. The clit stimulator will add some pizzazz to teasing her before you lay her down for a stroking. For chaps that like to be on the receiving end, the Fun Factory Stronic Zwei is great for prostate pleasure thanks to its flared base design. The soft curved tip makes entrance easy and it pinpoints the prostate for maximum satisfaction.

Silicone feels like a natural penis inside your love tunnel or rear end. Add some lubrication to enhance the explosion. Take the Stronic Zwei wherever you go so you will never be without your most important tool.

USB Charger Included free with your Stronic Zwei.

Product Specifications

Materials, Safety & Texture
  • Material:Silicone

  • Safety Features:Anti-bacterial, Food-grade, Hypo-allergenic, Latex Free, Non-porous, Phthalates Free

  • Colours:Black, Blue

  • Texture:Bulged, Smooth

Size, Shape & Fit
  • Length:23.8 cm (9.4 inch)

  • Insertable Length:10 cm (4 inch)

  • Diameter:4.4 cm (1.8 inch)

  • Circumference:14 cm (5.5 inch)

Functions & Performance
  • Special Features:Flared Base, Multifunction, Multispeed, Waterproof

  • Functions:Pulsating, Thrusting, Vibrating

  • Control Type:Built-in Control Pad

  • Noise Level:Low

  • Intensity Level:Very High

  • Powered By:Rechargeable / USB

  • Product Status:Premium Quality

  • Gender Play:Unisex

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Community Reviews

Community Reviews
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    1. Stronic Zwei - sehr gut!
      (Posted on 5/04/2014)

      I wasn't sure about ordering the Stronic Zwei - Randy Fox offers it for the best price but it's still a lot of money for a sex toy. But I really wanted to try it because it's a "pulsator", not a vibrator.
      When it arrived my first impression was that it was quite big.

      It feels solid and well built. I warmed up with a few other toys first and was able to insert it no problems. Then the fun began! I turned it on and tried out all the settings - there are 10 - and it was really quiet. I was a little disappointed after the first use because I felt the pulsations weren't strong enough and I needed to hold it in. But this is one of those things that you need practice with. Just like the other reviewer, I've worked out the perfect position for my prostate to get the most out of the Stronic Zwei.
      And It's waterproof so cleaning is easy.Review by Jim

    2. Zwei - An experience, a love story.
      (Posted on 30/11/2013)

      Overview/Why I wanted to try this toy:
      I was excited to see the Stronic Zwei online, I had a look at a few reviews and stuff and is amazed to see the way it moves. This toy actually moves in a thrusting motion, there is magnets moving a metal rod up and down inside instead or the traditionally vibrating motor. I had been looking for a prostate stimulator for a while and the toys you see with a removable bullet didn’t appeal to me. I am a real stickler for rechargeable and waterproof because it makes life so much easier, you don’t have to worry about batteries (I have bought the wrong batteries for a toy before and blown the motor) and you aren’t going to accidentally ruin your toy when you are washing it (which I have also done to another vibrator, it no longer vibrates). So having an idiot proof toy essentially which the Zwei is great. Also I have a butt plug which I think is 1.9 inches in diameter which find is a great size for myself personally. A lot of anal toys are fairly small for my standards but I understand why though. The Zwei is a nice 1.7inches which from other reviews I’ve seen online is a bit of a problem to fit anally even vaginally for some (this is a non-gender specific toy. The Zwei has an insertable length of 4 inches, I have found 6inches is probably my max depth without causing discomfort so the length sounds great, it should hit the p-spot which is usually only a couple inches deep anyway.

      First impressions:
      The Zwei comes in 2 colours, jeans blue and black. I chose the jeans blue because most of my toys are black and it actually looks nice. So when the Zwei finally arrived I was excited, I straight away put it on charge and had a look at the packaging and looked at the instruction manual. The packaging is quite nice, I would say it if gift able it is a solid box instead of some cheap plastic that you can’t re-use. I was slightly disappointed it didn’t come with carry pouch to protect it from dust and make it a bit less obvious to prying eyes. The instruction manual is fairly bad, lots of pictures which I guess is good as their universal but I wasn’t really sure how long I was meant to charge it before use. So after a couple hours I took it off charge and turned it on (note: it won’t turn on while connected to the charger) I was amazed as I saw it moving forward and backwards in a thrusting motion.

      When I first used the Zwei, I used it in the bath (The Zwei is fully water proof, which is fantastic). This made it a little difficult as the water would wash away the lube and the anus isn’t self-lubricating. You really need to lube up well, the silicon unlubed drags a lot. Silicon is great because it is body safe, toxin free and non-pursue so it is easy to clean.

      It was a little difficult to insert all the way at first, even for me. If you are experienced in anal you should still be patient with this toy and slowly work up to the whole toy. Your patience will be greatly rewarded. (Please note this is not a beginner’s toy)
      When I finally got the whole toy inside me, ironically with the Zwei thrusting it was difficult to keep in place and stop it from falling out, I don’t think the bottom tapered enough or I wasn’t able to get it 100% in I don’t know. The weight of the Zwei seems to make it difficult to keep in as well. If you do find that sweet spot, which you will with a bit of maneuvering or after a couple uses it is an absolutely fantastic toy. If you have a look of videos online of the Zwei moving you will see how it is like no other toy out there. The Zwei is truly a unique toy and I am so happy to see such innovation in such a flooded market.

      Nearly forgot to mention that it is really quiet so you can use this toy with paper thin walls. Just find an empty room because you might need some room to maneuver yourself and get into position. Alternatively make sure your room mate is asleep or won’t see you.
      Please Note: My Girlfriend tried this toy vaginally it seemed a little awkward although this toy is meant to be gender specific. She isn’t a size queen and doesn’t usually like big toys. Although I think the other toys in the Stronic range are better suited for vaginal use. Some people say it was good for clitoral and perineum stimulation, neither of us found this to be true. It is really for prostate stimulation and can be used for g-spot stimulation.

      At first I had a little difficulty inserting it all the way, I just got up to the front of the “knot” at the end. I turned it on and wow I could feel the wave go through what felt like my whole body. At this point it was a bit touch and go sensation wise, it was difficult maneuvering it into place. I turned the toy off; lubed up a bit more and pushed it all the way in. I haven’t had any real experience with hooked (g-spot) shaped toys before and found it a bit odd to maneuver first time around. I finally managed to squeeze it all in then I turned it back on it and just wow it felt incredible being filled up, have it thrusting and waves moving through you is just amazing. I have to say I have never climaxed solely from prostate or anal stimulation and this toy didn’t achieve that (it did feel amazing and did increase the intensity of my orgasm). If you are really into anal sex and you know that you can climax from anal stimulation alone, this toy might just do that. This toy is great because you just insert it, lay back and let it do all the work.

      Real simple, just rinse with warm water, wash with toy cleaner (follow manufactures instructions), rinse and dry.

      If you purchase this toy, invest in a high quality water based (non-water based lubes such as silicon lube will damage your silicon toys) anal lube. I find some lubes can be a little irritating with anal use. I found soothe anti-bacterial anal lubricant by intimate organics to be really good. Make sure you use lots of lube as well, the silicon can be draggy if not lubed properly, reapply as needed especially during periods of extended use, so you don’t experience any irritation.

      So what does this all mean? The short version:
      This product is great but is quite large so not for the novice. It is 100% waterproof and rechargeable which is amazing. It is like nothing I have ever seen before and I absolutely love the creativity and engineering that went in to this product.
      I absolutely recommend this product it provides great prostate/anal stimulation. If you have tried vibrators and aren’t fully satisfied or are looking for something new the Zwei is a must.

      I have been writing this article over a fair amount of time and my opinion and understanding of this toy has changed. I have found that this isn’t an “every day” toy or something I would use regally because you need a decent amount of time alone to really enjoy it and personally I really need to be in the mood to be filled up and have my anus stimulated. But when I’m in that mood and have that time, boy does it do it job well. My final thought it the pulsation is amazing as it can be hard to position and get it into that perfect spot and holding it just the right way. As annoying as this maybe seem the more you use it the better you will get at getting it in to position. But if it just isn’t your time to find that magical spot the zwei works fantastically as a simply butt plug or prostate toy. The only really down fall is its size, I mean I love the size I think it is perfect but I can totally see the average person struggling. Even with the size and the “learning curb” I would still give this toy a 4 out of 5, it literally hits all the right spots and it won’t break down any time soon.Review by Melbourne Lovers - Blogger

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