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Randy Fox - Rechargeable Randy Silicone Mini Massager

By: Randy Fox

Quick Overview

The perfect surface that is great for external and internal stimulation. The Rechargeable Randy Silicone Mini Massager is a premium vibrating massager that will bring you to orgasmic heaven.

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Made from latex free and phthalates free ultra soft silicone, you can definitely use the Rechargeable Randy Silicone Mini Massager for as long as you want as often you’d like without any worries.

The Rechargeable Randy Silicone Mini Massager feels great against the skin making it amazing for both external and internal stimulation. The massager is equipped 30 exciting and versatile vibration patterns that you can play with. Breeze through the functions via its push button control. With the many programs to choose from, you can be sure to have a mode suitable for your every mood.

The wand is also USB rechargeable so you never have to worry about not having spare batteries. What makes the wand even better is its waterproof feature so you can take your pleasure outside the confines of your bedroom.

Explore. Experiment. Enjoy. The Rechargeable Randy Silicone Mini Massager is your ever dependent mini wand.

Key Features:

• Ultra soft silicone material.
• Swirled and textured that is perfect for external and internal stimulation.
• 30 Total vibration functions.
• Powerful motors that will give you amazing pleasure.
• Push button control.
• USB Rechargeable so you never have to worry about spare batteries.

Order it today and we'll ship it today!*

*Same business day dispatch if ordered alone or with other official Randy Fox branded products before 3pm EST.

Materials, Safety & Texture

  • Silicone
  • Hypo-allergenic, Latex Free, Non-porous, Phthalates Free
  • Purple
  • Smooth, Swirled, Textured Head, Velvety

Size, Shape & Fit

  • 14.8 cm (5.83 inch)
  • 3 cm (1.18 inch)
  • 9.42 cm (3.71 inch)
  • Discreet/Small, Realistic

Functions & Performance

  • Bending, LED Indicators, Multifunction, Multispeed, Waterproof
  • Escalating, Pulsating, Vibrating
  • Built-in Control Pad
  • Low
  • Very High
  • USB Rechargeable


  • New Arrival, Best Seller
  • Unisex
  1. Disappointed. Not really a 'clitoral vibrator'

    Unfortunately this vibrator is not for me.
    I bought this to replace my Randy Pink Petal bendy massager that broke. Ironically I found the vibrations of the Pink Petal to be stronger than this one, despite being listed as 'high' intensity.

    I wouldn't describe this vibrator's intensity as 'very high', I've used it only for external stimulation and it's so difficult to reach completion with these rather weak (in comparison to others) vibrations.

    -Feels soft, smooth & beautiful against skin.
    -Easy to clean.
    -Not too loud.
    -Compact size.

    -Weak vibrations.
    -Accidentally press buttons during use.
    -30 functions not really needed.

    This vibrator is listed in the 'clitoral vibrator' section on this site, and I think that's not a good description of this product.
    This may be great for internal pleasure, but for external I think it's lacking.
    Upset I wasted $80 on this :(

    -Review by Nic
  2. Awesome

    Got this from a mystery box, was much better and more enjoyable than I expected, especially for its size.
    Hits all the right spots.
    Just wish it had a handle, can get a bit slippery and hard to grip.

    -Review by Valance
  3. Shower partner

    Love using it in the shower. No one will ever know what miracles and wonders I have been doing in it. Very good massager.

    -Review by Lye
  4. Never knew it could be this fun

    Giving it five stars cos I never knew it could be THIS fun buying it! I enjoyed all the functions and been addicted to quite a number of them. Depending on my mood actually. Just soooooo amazing partner.

    -Review by JC

    Thanks God it is rechargeable. I hate changing batteries. Also got no problem with using it with water. This is such a fun toy, ugh.

    -Review by Denise
  6. No troubles

    Five stars. Design is sleek and gorgeous, contributing to the feeling too. Seems like art and science. Very easy to use with only push buttons. Not much hassle using it.

    -Review by Julius
  7. Hello Big O

    Say hello to the big O time in a few minutes with this massager. Had an escalated masturbation with this product. Surely will highly recommend.

    -Review by Jill
  8. Wanting this feel

    Just the feel I have been wanting for in a product for a long time already. So glad to have found this one. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to pleasure themselves.

    -Review by hermione
  9. Safer than the old one

    Oh, All the reviews here are almost positive. So I tried it. And yeah, It was good. I think it is durable. This is safer than the old one that I bought last year. Well I hope so.

    -Review by Hailey
  10. Did the job

    I had an injury in the shoulders since a long time ago which is kind of disappointing for my girlfriend when we get to bed play as I cannot do the job quite properly anymore. This saved me the deal, big time.

    -Review by Hailey
  11. To another level

    Brings play into another level and intensity. Using it every time for added enjoyment. Did not disappoint.

    -Review by B.L.
  12. Sleek and gorgeous

    Not much noise made so I can play and be discreet at the same time. Loving the design. It is soooo sleek and gorgeous.

    -Review by Chloe M.
  13. Whatever

    Hi! Well I just want to thank this amazing toy. It's amazing since it was just a gift from a friend of mine. Funny but I have to admit that I liked it so much. I will share this to my friends. HAHAHAHA. WTF

    -Review by Kandy Mn.
  14. Most powerful motor

    The most powerful motor of a vibrating toy that I ever had. Quite amazing! Exactly what I wanted for the both of us.

    -Review by Stark
  15. GF loves it

    My GF loves it. It has become a toy we use for foreplay that we cannot leave without. It is intense enough that she squirms and curls.

    -Review by Sundae
  16. 30 functions are a lot

    This little thing is an adorable little guy. I think the 30 functions are already a lot to experience, I hope I could try them all before getting addicted to one. No night will have to be boring from this time on. Yeeeey!

    -Review by Catherine
  17. Definitely worth the price

    This product is an effective stimulator for both clit and G spot. This is probably the best so far. Definitely worth the price.

    -Review by ky Le
  18. Unexpected Minis

    It's very powerful than what you expect by the looks of it. Small looking but not too small, cordless and quiet. Just more that exactly what I asked for. There numerous vibration functions also ignited my curiosity to try this product.

    -Review by Tracy
  19. Every woman deserves this

    Every woman deserves to have this massager. It is a lot of fun and crazy, I may say, but OMG it is so worth price!

    -Review by Arch
  20. Eliminate a boring sex life with this fun toy

    I bought this for a friend who was worried about not having a happy and exciting sex life with her boyfriend. She said it was getting boring already. When I got her this, she thanked me later on, saying they had greater times with it.

    -Review by nicodemus
  21. Perfect!

    Is there any color besides purple? That's my only question, otherwise, everything about it already perfect!

    -Review by Lindsay
  22. Goodbye cords!

    Thank the lords I am getting rid of the cords with this product. I hate having my toys unplugged especially if you're at the climax. It cuts the fun and ruins the mood. So glad to have this rechargeable instead.

    -Review by Honey
  23. Should have purchased this years ago!

    I should have purchased this ages ago!!! I hate it that I wasted my time and money on trying on other products which were crap. I had no problems and complaints at all with this massager.

    -Review by Lailani
  24. Never failed me

    Did not feel the pulses with all of my other similar products but randy Fox's products surely works for me. I trust this brand a lot and it has never failed me.

    -Review by Mary Joy
  25. Promising fun and excitement

    I am very very delighted with the varying patterns and the texture if the thing. It is truly promising a lot of fun, with the real feel and the real deal.

    -Review by Leila
  26. Perfect Gift

    Unlike me, my best friend is new to the masturbating thing. It took a lot of courage for her to open up about wanting to explore so I wanted something I know she would enjoy so I got her this. She’s very happy with it, she reports.

    -Review by Lex P.
  27. Convenient

    Sure, I like my other vibrators and massagers but I'd rather choose this over them all as this is much more convenient than all of them. No changing of batteries. Easy to clean and definitely safe. Others look cheap.

    -Review by carms
  28. I once hated batteries

    We once had a massager so good we used it nonstop but we often had to buy batteries and change it. Later on, changing batteries became quite annoying especially if the battery dies down in the middle of play. Ugh. This product is just as good, but without the trouble of buying ang changing the batteries anymore.

    -Review by Robert
  29. no more down time

    with this vibrator, i'm never worried about it dying on me when I'm on my way to climax (like my old vibes did!). i keep this recharged and ready on my bedside to keep the horny me satisfied.

    -Review by Lola
  30. For safe usage

    Safe considering it is hypo-allergenic, latex free, non-porous, and phthalates free. No worries while using it at all. Had continuous fun. So so so loving it <3

    -Review by Marie J.
  31. Premium Materials

    I’m a sucker for quality. And this one is made from ultra soft silicone that’s guaranteed to be hypoallergenic, latex-free, and phthalates-free. It looks gorgeous too. Didn’t have to think to much about it. It was a good purchase if I may say so.

    -Review by Abbey B.
  32. No worries about the product at all

    She loves the product. We use it in the shower sometimes and very thankful it did not break. Noticed that charging port is sealed so no worries at all.

    -Review by neil
  33. Amazed by 30 functions

    I was just so amazed by the 30 amazing functions. They are all soooo fun. My husband was the one who bought my first toy of this product but I lost it so I'm buying it again. :)

    -Review by Kat
  34. Amazing

    This is amazing!
    So powerful and so many unique functions!
    It's a great size and surprisingly very quiet. Love the feel of its smooth soft velvety material.

    -Review by Madlover
  35. It’s rechargeable so no need for batteries

    What frustrates me during play is when the toy suddenly drops dead. It’s okay if I’m with a partner because we can always do something about it. But when I’m going solo? It just makes things extra frustrating.

    -Review by Zara
  36. Soft Material

    I think how good the experience begins with the feel of the toy. I mean, once it touches your skin and you are not feeling it, it just ruins everything. The Rechargeable Randy Silicone Mini Massager is made from ultra soft silicone that gently caresses your skin. It feels so nice so much so that for that alone, I give it a 5.

    -Review by Lottie B.
  37. Spontaneous Fun

    Went on a vacation and had some fun. Long story short, met a guy, found ourselves in a pool, and got some action. We wanted to add a little more action, good thing this handy little vibe was in my purse.

    -Review by Amelia Gordon
  38. ridges on the shaft feel amazing

    Before this, I had a traditional vibrator. The one that’s just smooth and straight. I didn’t think a ridged shaft would make such a big difference. It just feels so amazing!

    -Review by zoey
  39. I am taken care off whatever my mood.

    I don’t have a specific way of doing things. Like when it comes to having sex or masturbating, there is no specific way that gets me off. I just go with what I feel like at that moment. This makes it hard for a single sex toy to keep up with me. But this one has 30 functions. So yeah, finally a toy that can keep up.

    -Review by Lynn
  40. Clit and G-spot Fun

    I wanted something for g-spot stimulation so I got this. It’s a bonus that when I tried it on my clit, it felt just as amazing.

    -Review by Hana U.
  41. Delicious Head To Shaft

    The bulbous head pops as it enters me. The shaft is ridged giving additional stimulation as it thrusts in and out of me. Add the 30 vibration functions and I can’t really ask for anything better. Thank you Randy Fox!

    -Review by Alicia T.
  42. Bringing it Along

    I just got my massager and just in time for a week-long business trip. It fits my purse so nicely it’s like begging me to take it with me. Maybe I will.

    -Review by Summer Andrew
  43. Easy push button controls

    The vibrator is easy to control. For me, it doesn’t feel awkward or weird so during my solo play, I can let myself go and experience the moments of pleasure.

    -Review by charlie
  44. 30 whhuut?

    This mini massager has 30 functions. 30 TOTAL VIBRATION OPTIONS! If that doesn’t give you the big O, I don’t know what will. It surely gave me mine.

    -Review by chantelle

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