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  • Randy Fox - Silicone Anal Pull Plug -  Black Randy Fox - Silicone Anal Pull Plug -  Black
  • Randy Fox - Silicone Anal Pull Plug -  Black Randy Fox - Silicone Anal Pull Plug -  Black
  • Randy Fox - Silicone Anal Pull Plug -  Black Randy Fox - Silicone Anal Pull Plug -  Black
  • Randy Fox - Silicone Anal Pull Plug -  Blue Randy Fox - Silicone Anal Pull Plug -  Blue
  • Randy Fox - Silicone Anal Pull Plug -  Blue Randy Fox - Silicone Anal Pull Plug -  Blue
  • Randy Fox - Silicone Anal Pull Plug -  Blue Randy Fox - Silicone Anal Pull Plug -  Blue
  • Randy Fox - Silicone Anal Pull Plug -  Purple Randy Fox - Silicone Anal Pull Plug -  Purple
  • Randy Fox - Silicone Anal Pull Plug -  Purple Randy Fox - Silicone Anal Pull Plug -  Purple
  • Randy Fox - Silicone Anal Pull Plug -  Purple Randy Fox - Silicone Anal Pull Plug -  Purple

Randy Fox - Silicone Anal Pull Plug

By: Randy Fox

Quick Overview

The Randy Fox Silicone Anal Pull Plug is a quality, discreet anal plug offering both exciting play, and a chance to strengthen important muscles. It is perfect for all levels of experience.

Availability: Out of stock

Reward Points Earn 12 Randy Points
The Randy Fox Silicone Anal Pull Plug is a wonderful training plug that introduces users to the unique feeling of anal stimulation. It is completely unisex and appropriate for long hours spent in exploration. It's main design feature is a walled tip that is great for strengthening the squeeze reaction that is so necessary for satisfying anal play. With this plug, “gripping” strength and endurance is enhanced, while maintaining extreme pleasure.

The most common problem experienced by people wanting to incorporate wonderful anal play into their sex lives is insertion and extraction ease. An anal plug doesn't have to be monstrous to excite. This petite, finger-controlled model is the right size for anyone, and is quite utilitarian in its design.

Key Stats:

• Pull ring for safety and control.
• Ribbing for a gentle massage along the perennial area.
• Contour for a correct anatomical fit.
• Comfortable tip for easy insertion.
• Premium silicone build.

Order it today and we'll ship it today!*

*Same business day dispatch if ordered alone or with other official Randy Fox branded products before 3pm EST.

Materials, Safety & Texture

  • Silicone
  • Food-grade, Hypo-allergenic, Latex Free, Non-porous, Phthalates Free
  • Black, Blue, Purple
  • Ribbed, Smooth, Velvety

Size, Shape & Fit

  • 12.7 cm (5 inch)
  • 8 cm (3.15 inch)
  • 1.5 cm (0.59 inch) - At Thinnest Portion of Shaft
    3.1 cm (1.22 inch) - At Thickest Portion of Shaft

Functions & Performance

  • Bending, Flared Base, Flexible, Waterproof


  • Best Seller, New Arrival
  • Unisex
  • Ergonomic Retrieval Base
  1. Could last for years

    This is something I could keep for years. It’s easy to use, soft and flexible, likewise easy to clean. It does not have any bad smell and did not have a particular smell even after several uses.

    -Review by Joshua
  2. Happy purchaser here

    Count me as one of the happy purchasers of this product. No doubt they give it high ratings. They are indeed correct when they said it was comfortable and prepares a beginner for anal. Actually, I have also discovered it’s also good for vaginal. Try it out yourself. I enjoyed it.

    -Review by Clara
  3. Comfort and simplicity

    Comfort and simplicity. That’s what this product is all about. I am so satisfied with it. I received it promptly and is definitely started with them for anal sex. Great product. Thumbs up.

    -Review by Elsa
  4. Good

    Good price. Good quality. Good recommendation for people who are willing to explore the anal world. Truly a remarkable product with careful attention to details. Prepares you for anal sex. All in all, pretty nice already.

    -Review by niceguy
  5. Good for anal and vagina

    I was introduced to the anal realm just lately…with this product! I thoroughly enjoyed having it inside my anus without worrying that it will get in it. Good for a first anal toy. Was also glad they could be used for the vagina. Yeeey!

    -Review by Jona
  6. Great for a bit of kink.

    Great shape, and extremely comfortable to leave in, thanks to a creative design. A bit harder to get out though, but not bad. The vibe bullet sucks; replace it with a better one.

    -Review by Devan L.
  7. Amazing!

    If you think you need more of this, I don’t think you should be hesitant. This anal plug is amazing! Its size is commendable and comfortable. Durable and soft material and quality. They stick but does not necessarily cause pain.

    -Review by baby
  8. recommended highly

    I like wearing it for long periods. They don’t hurt plus they’re pretty fun while having sex. Great for beginners. I recommend this product highly.

    -Review by Kim
  9. You'll love it

    You’ll love the size. You’ll love the comfort. You’ll love the ease of use. And you’ll love making love afterwards. Well, at least, I did. Thanks, Randy Fox!

    -Review by Earl
  10. Soft and Smooth

    Great little plug to start with for my partner as she is new to anal fun, soft and smooth so helps to slide in easier

    -Review by MrWolf
  11. Fuuuuun

    I loved this product ever since my boyfriend and I got one, and I’m pretty sure my boyfriend it more than I do. It’s fuuuuuuun and we seem to not get enough of it. Amazing!

    -Review by Silay
  12. Good for the price

    Oh, come one, it is not intimidating at all. It is just right for anyone who wants enjoy the ecstasies of anal sex till you cry tears of joy. Already good for its price.

    -Review by Ann
  13. High quality

    Got my start at anal using this plug, and I really enjoyed it. The texture is very smooth and I guess that helped a lot to ease me into it. Also very easy to use with the ring for the finger.

    -Review by George
  14. Partner was thankful

    My partner, who is also a guy by the way, was new to this whole thing. I did not want to buy him something intimidating for a first toy and settled with this one. He was thankful I had it for him, he wears it every day, and loves the flexibility and comfort. Now, he is able to enjoy our sexy times…

    -Review by Leo
  15. LOVE worn in the anus

    This is L-O-V-E worn and slid inside the anus. Its job is always satisfying and perfect, even for a first time user. Five stars for that!

    -Review by Timi
  16. Soft and easy

    This plug is so soft and easy to slide into the anus, sticks right there and does it job quite well. I would recommend this to the beginners. They’d feel great, trust me.

    -Review by Nina
  17. Nice and comfortable

    It’s nice and proper comfortable. I bought this twice already (I lost the first one) but would not be doubtful on buying it for a hundredth time. Just what an anal sex lover should have.

    -Review by Mariella
  18. Can't be sucked in easily

    I bought an anal plug before and we had to go to the hospital midnight as I got stuck in me mid-session. That was really frustrating. Not to mention embarrassing. The keychain style makes it not look like an anal plug at all, and absolutely prevents all possibilities of probably having it stuck inside of you.

    -Review by Jey
  19. Great experience

    How did I ever open up for my boyfriend? I had this toy inside of me. I loved it and he loved me having it. I can’t say anything bad about it. Great experience!

    -Review by Liberty
  20. Worth the price

    It’s worth the price, really. I have gotten a lot use of it. Very easy to use and also easy to clean. Plus they are completely comfortable.

    -Review by Karen
  21. Great buy!

    This is a great buy! Aside from the good price, the size is perfect for a beginner in the anal kingdom such as myself. Actually, I was thinking they wouldn’t be comfortable as I do not know what’s too big and what’s too small, but somehow this is already tolerable. Thanks.

    -Review by Flora
  22. Would recommend

    It works and is as described and advertised. It has no foul smell, only had a light manufacturing odor to it when I first received it, which is good. It’s very soft with a smooth feel to it too. Would recommend.

    -Review by magno
  23. Superb smoothness

    This product has superb smoothness and softness with it, making it comfortable to use even for extended periods. I don’t have anything to complain about it, and it is pretty fun!

    -Review by Caroline
  24. Suits any taste

    I think this product will be good for both beginners and experts in the anal realm. It’s actually flexible and comfortable. Will probably suit any taste.

    -Review by Machete
  25. For training

    Shout out to those proud and happy gays such as myself! I would recommend this especially to those looking for first toys. They are crafted beautifully for our pleasures, trust me. You are prepared for anal sex. It’s good for training.

    -Review by Rey
  26. Five stars

    Five stars because it feels good and almost lifelike with the shape like that of a penis. It’s made professionally. Good product!

    -Review by Sparkles
  27. Great quality

    Great quality. It is actually a lot bigger than I supposed them to be. And also more flexible than I expected so the whole thing was a surprise. I love surprises. And also loved the feeling wearing them. People should really have them too. It’s a great product!

    -Review by Miguel
  28. Totally amazing!

    Gets one ready for that first excitement through anal. They could actually also be good while having you man’s manhood in you. It feels amazing. Totally amazing!

    -Review by len
  29. Good product

    The size is okay. It is absolutely good for the beginners. It stretches out the anus and does not hurt when you pull them out. They’re soft, flexible and comfortable as the material is silicone. Over all, good product.

    -Review by Diamond
  30. Wife loved it

    My wife loved it, and loved me even more. We used it while I take her ass, and gods was she so aroused! Definitely worth the price!

    -Review by Baldo
  31. Analize

    It was just out of fun that I ordered this Silicone Anal Pull Plug. Took a few days for me to be convinced to use it with my boyfriend and was sooo exciting. Felt secured with the safety pull ring.

    -Review by Pooh
  32. Omg

    OMG I can feel it when I am walking around because it is flared base and it is absolutely comfortable and enjoyable! I become a little more excited when I sit, it’s driving me crazy! Love it entirely!

    -Review by Jobelle
  33. Recommended for starters

    It’s nice. The plug prevents it from being sucked in so I got to wear them comfortably and well, be ready for the next anal play. It’s something that I will really recommend to any starter.

    -Review by Cio
  34. Nice purchase

    Definitely well-designed and made with excellent quality. The size is perfect for starters and experienced people alike. With or without partner, it is doable. Overall, nice purchase.

    -Review by Corinne
  35. Real deal!

    I am so glad I purchase it. I love that it's made of silicone, I know it won't break nor contain carcinogen materials and I can insert it while in standing position. Convenient. The filled sensation just feels fantastic. Delivered on time and discreetly.

    -Review by Hedegaar
  36. Love wearing them

    Flexibility of the product is really for comfort and ease of use. I totally love wearing them. And I love making love after them even more. *wink

    -Review by Customer i87t78t
  37. Happy and excited wife

    I got this for my lovely wife and she was absolutely happy and excited about it. Guess what? I got her beautiful ass the first night!

    -Review by Hans
  38. The One

    After the long, expensive and uncomfortable search, I have found the right one anal plug to add to my toy collection. It’s so easy to use, comfortable to wear and great for first timers! This is a must try, a must have!

    -Review by Laphy
  39. Exactly as advertised

    I have issues buying online. The products don’t always turn out as they are described. So glad from this product though. They’re exactly as they are described and posted, I know they are just so perfect for me. I will not hesitate buying another next time.

    -Review by Christian
  40. Great toy!

    Great toy! I adore how silky, comfortable and flexible they are. I have been using one for a lot of times already and did not ever regret I spent time looking for this one and paying for it.

    -Review by Aron Jay
  41. Worth it

    Tried this because of all the glowing reviews I've read online. Awesome for those who are already expert in this area. All I can say is it's worth every penny.

    -Review by Plugger
  42. The right one

    Finally found the right one! I've tried a lot of butt plugs and mostly I have pain or discomfort if I wear it longer. But this anal pull plug petite's size is just right.

    -Review by Daisy888
  43. Newbies will love it

    For the most part, a very fun toy to play with and it feels fantastic! I love to wear it extended periods of time, walked around while it tickles my anus, and the long handle keeps the plug from going all the way in, it's comfortable once inside. Beginners like myself can enjoy tremendously. It makes you want to explore anal play more! I have the idea of using this as a keychain coz the design is very discreet, LOL it doesn't look like an anal plug! Easy to use and easy to clean too, no hassle, feels great xo

    -Review by Mandee
  44. A must buy

    This plug is amazing and I got what i paid for though the price is really a great value for your money. I was extremely excited to try this and i wasn't disappointed. By far my most favorite anal toy. I appreciate how discreetly it was packaged and shipped.

    -Review by Azaiah
  45. Nice

    I bought this for myself, feels great and smooth. My wife loves it too. Great for foreplay. I get so turned on when she uses it. Highly recommended.

    -Review by Robert
  46. My first plug!

    Were given as a present by my best friend and I couldn't thank her enough! My first plug ever and I swear like it a lot!

    -Review by Ash
  47. Love the ribs

    This plug features ribs to massage the perineum area and it does wonders, it tickles. The velvety texture makes it easier for insertion. A great product, design, and size for me.

    -Review by Anal Lover
  48. Plug it up

    It sits there very nicely up my ass. I'm always worried about plug falling out but I guess the anchor-like tip prevents it. You can feel it stretches the sphincter, wow, it feels heavenly. Long term wear is great. If you are looking for a perfect plug then try this. Another delicious addition to my sex toy box.

    -Review by Duffy
  49. does the job

    does the job, I like it. an excellent value for what you get. recommended for someone that has at least minimal experience with buttplugs. great size for beginners. a damn good product.

    -Review by marky
  50. Excellent plug

    A great product for the price. You'll be amazed once you get it in and the loop handle was a big help when getting it out.

    -Review by Ted
  51. Ooh

    This plug's design is unique and the right size is appealing. The weight is just right for me, it's a pleasurable experience. If you're into butt play then you can't go wrong with this plug.

    -Review by Blue
  52. Easy and neat

    This toy is great! It allows my Partners to feel pressure inside their body yet also gives pleasure to those who prefer the feeling of expansion, then contraction when maneuvered in and out. Easy to clean and fun to play with. Thanks again Randy Fox xxx

    -Review by Dan

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