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  • Randy Fox - Soft Silicone Squeeze Nipple Pumps - Black Randy Fox - Soft Silicone Squeeze Nipple Pumps - Black
  • Randy Fox - Soft Silicone Squeeze Nipple Pumps - Black Randy Fox - Soft Silicone Squeeze Nipple Pumps - Black
  • Randy Fox - Soft Silicone Squeeze Nipple Pumps - Pink Randy Fox - Soft Silicone Squeeze Nipple Pumps - Pink
  • Randy Fox - Soft Silicone Squeeze Nipple Pumps - Pink Randy Fox - Soft Silicone Squeeze Nipple Pumps - Pink

Randy Fox - Soft Silicone Squeeze Nipple Pump

By: Randy Fox

Quick Overview

Let your senses come alive. Add nipple play to your bedroom adventures for more stimulation. The Soft Silicone Squeeze Nipple Pump offers the extra “wow” you didn’t know you’ve been craving for.

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When it comes to intimate pleasures, there is always a way to get more out of the experience. If you are looking for ways to add spice into the bedroom, nipple play is quite an interesting prospect. And when it comes to nipple play, the Soft Silicone Squeeze Nipple Pump is just the thing.

Made from 100% silicone material, this single Nipple Pump is hypoallergenic, latex free, non-porous, and phthalates free. This makes it great to work with for people with sensitive skin and makes for convenient cleanup and maintenance as well. You can even use it on your clit! How’s that for function?

Key Features:

• Made from 100% silicone material.
• Velvety smooth to the touch and feels great against the skin.
• Flexible pumps and can be used on the clitoris.
• Flared base for safe play.
• 1 Pump included.

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Materials, Safety & Texture

  • Silicone
  • Food-grade, Fragrance Free, Hypo-allergenic, Latex Free, Non-porous, Phthalates Free
  • Black, Pink

Size, Shape & Fit

  • 7.5 cm (2.95 inch)
  • 4.2 cm (1.65 inch)
  • 13.19 cm (5.19 inch)

Functions & Performance

  • Flared Base, Flexible, Patterned


  • Best Seller, New Arrival
  • Unisex
  1. Non Stop Pleasure

    Putting this on gives non stop pleasure! Just don't be too carried away by the pleasure it's giving or else you'll end up having massive nipple. ;)

    -Review by Marianne
  2. Kinky

    Having these on feels kinky but in a very good way. It makes your skin feel more sensitive than the usual which result to tingling sensations all over your body once you are touched by your partner.

    -Review by Zen
  3. Another Pair

    Got my second pair of this and I will not regret buying an extra pair of this! The satisfaction it'll give will make you to buy another one after another after another one. ;)

    -Review by Lucy
  4. Real

    Often, the problem with nipple pumps are they are too cold thus gives the feeling of discomfort. But Randy Fox's product has so far made me forget I was using a nipple pump!

    -Review by Jany Ro
  5. Worth every penny!

    I won't regret ever spending money on this and I'll purchased it again! The satisfaction it'll give you is worth it.

    -Review by Tammy
  6. Great suction

    If you want to experience great suction, I recommend you this randy Fox nipple pump. After use, expect a swollen nipple or clit, and that's just something you would actually love and keep craving for every time.

    -Review by Beth
  7. Intense Nipple Play

    Perfect for taking the nipple play to the next level! It'll make the experienced more intense and will surely leave you wanting for more!

    -Review by Lyneth
  8. Brilliant!

    This product really amaze me! The suction will blow your mind. A fun way to engaged in Nipple Play. Try this out now and I assure you won't regret it!

    -Review by Mark
  9. Begging for More

    Randy Fox - Soft Silicone Squeeze Nipple Pumps amaze me how my partner begs for more after putting this on. She says it gives an unexplainable sensation all over her body that leaves her begging for more!

    -Review by Ryan
  10. Perky

    I first used this with a glass of wine down my system, and trust me, that stimulates the entirety of you. Nipple play could be really perky and kinky, and my partner loved seeing my nipples supple so we just loved these nipple pumps.

    -Review by Rica
  11. Convenient and comfortable

    This nipple pump is convenient and comfortable, not to mention really erotic in teasing and stimulating both nipples and clitoris. The gentle feel makes the experience really memorable I think about how I had a good time having sex all day!

    -Review by Andrea Ky
  12. Intense!

    Safe, smooth, soft to the touch… It's an effective stimulator of the clitoris, makes it really sensitive generally making the whole experience wildly intense! My boyfriend was the one who insisted on buying this, as I was hesitant. I never tried one before but turns out it's really worth the price.

    -Review by Jade
  13. Good for DIY

    I bought this nipple pump when I still had a boyfriend, and we loved using it, really! It makes my nipples hard and swollen it turns both of us on and feel all kinky. But even now that we broke up, I still make good use of the pump with my clitoris. The clit swells up and helps in masturbation I do not mind having no boyfriend just yet. ;)

    -Review by Love
  14. Perfect Suction

    Randy Fox - Soft Silicone Squeeze Nipple Pumps gives me the best suction when it comes to nipple play. Not too loose and not too tight. Just perfect!

    -Review by Jayce
  15. Perfect for Foreplay

    This product is perfect for foreplay! It allows you to do more while it gives your partner an unexplainable good sucking feeling. Proven and tested!

    -Review by Yumi
  16. Perfect for Stimulation

     It leaves my nipples nicely swollen and super sensitive and soft. This is by far the most seductive nipple pumps I have tried.

    -Review by Hope
  17. Does not fall off

    It does not fall off often which is good because it can be distracting when it falls off. The soft and smooth texture humanizes the feeling, also leaves the nipples extremely sensitive, and me extremely wanting more! I highly recommend this!

    -Review by kent
  18. Turn on!

    I have bought these nipple pumps for my girlfriend. We both love to try and experience new things. Seeing her on these and enjoying herself is a major turn on for me. She said it feels weird yet feels so good at the same time. We have been sharing more intimate moments because of these. Thanks Randy Fox!

    -Review by Michael
  19. Kinky all the time

    Never failed to make me and my boyfriend feel kinky all the time. It is very interesting, intense and powerful I love iiiiiit! The suction, the softness, the material… It's really perfect!

    -Review by Watson M
  20. Taking it to the next level!

    I really recommend Randy Fox - Soft Silicone Squeeze Nipple Pump for couples who wants to take it the the next level but likes to take things slow.

    -Review by Patrick
  21. Leveling Up

    Fox Randy - Soft Silicone Squeeze Nipple pump brings foreplay to another exciting level! It's a definitely a must have if you want to bring foreplay to the next level!

    -Review by Zendrick
  22. Adds Intimacy

    Looking for additional intimacy? Then you should buy this one! A perfect way to have fun and at the same time add intimacy to your special moments with your partner.

    -Review by Roxy
  23. Works great with clit

    This works great with the clitoris! I am not really much of a breast person so I prefer clitoral stimulation, and yet I found this nipple pump still able to comply with my sexual need.

    -Review by Clary
  24. One of our faves

    Bedroom play should never ever be boring so my husband and I keep a collection of toys, and this is honestly one of our favorites. It's handy, really convenient and a great stimulator of both nipples and clit we could never get enough of it. This is a highly-recommended product for your own collection too. You will not regret.

    -Review by Jay
  25. Adds more Pleasure

    Just got my first pair of nipple pumps recently. The pleassure felt was more intense! If I had known this product before, I wil surely buy them without hesitation!

    -Review by Iya
  26. Best toy

    This is so far the best toy my boyfriend and I have purchased so far. It helps clit come to such points when he loves so well. It makes the erogenous zones even more sensitive and so we enjoy it.

    -Review by Piper
  27. Adds more Intimacy

    This is perfect if you want to add more intimacy on your special moments with your partner. The pleasure it'll give will bring you closer to each other!

    -Review by Eunice
  28. Extremely Satisfying

    Bought this recently for my girlfriend and it really surprises me that she's really into it. She was a bit hesistant at first but when we tried it she was really into it and says it is extremely satisfying! Great product!

    -Review by Nico
  29. Safe for Skin

    My partner has a very sensitive skin. She easily develops allergies. There are times that her allergies would trigger for no reason. So we are very meticulous when it selecting toys for her. Then I discoveredthis Soft Silicone Squeeze Nipple Pummp from Randy Fox. I bought her a pair of these to spice up things in our relationship. And fortunately she didn't have any allergic reactions to it. Proven safe and guarantees pure satisfaction!

    -Review by Austine
  30. Alluring

    My partner find it really alluring because everytime I put it on. Plus they are so smooth and really comfortable. Suitable for sensitive areas.

    -Review by Katherine
  31. Sexy as hell!

    Recently got mine. When I tried it, my partner finds it sexy as hell! It surprises me how a small toy like this give such pleasure and satisfaction!

    -Review by Zoe
  32. Worth Buying

    Nipple pumps are my thing. I have a lot of them but this one really stands out in my collection. It's perfect with it soft silicone and perfect suction will really gives me the satisfaction.

    -Review by Kayelin
  33. Exciting

    I have brought this Soft Silicon Squeeze Nipple pump for my partner and every time we use this the excitement I feel is too intenses and I know she feels the same way too! We have shared plenty of intimate moments because of this nipple pumps. A definitely must try!

    -Review by Henry
  34. awesome down there

    Not much of a fan for nipple play so I use this a lot on my clit. The suction feels great and I can orgasm from just playing with myself with this.

    -Review by B. E.
  35. Seductive

    A really great way to have fun at the same time seductively seduce your partner for a guaranteed satisfying moment!

    -Review by Ara
  36. Sucker

    The most pleasurable breast arousal ever! It feels good and makes you more horny and excited... i'll be using this every now and then... i just can't get enough with this thing! Its so fast and effective..

    -Review by Jinky123
  37. GF went nuts

    The first time my girlfriend used this on her clit, she squirted after only a little while! She went nuts about it she thanked me for buying it for her. I was also loving the sight of her that stimulated I would also like to thank Randy Fox. Thank youuuu!

    -Review by Ken
  38. very affordable!

    Very affordable I just had to buy two! This is much better than the clips I used before. They stick fine and leave me feeling so sensitive.

    -Review by olivia
  39. Feels Good!

    Recently got my second pair of Soft Silicone Squeeze Nipple Pump. I'm an avid user of this product. I just can't help my self from using it. It really feels good!

    -Review by Anne

    It sticks really well and is effective in doing its job. Reasonable for its price. If I were to be asked if I would recommend this or buy it again, I would always say "Of course!"

    -Review by Leonardo
  41. Greatest find

    So far, when it comes to nipple suction and stimulation, this one's the greatest find I had in years! It was the first time my husband actually used one on me, and he was super turned on. So, if you need something to spice up your sexy sessions in bed, you might want to consider this nipple pump. You won't ever regret it.

    -Review by Lavender
  42. Works great, feeels great

    This nipple pump really made my nipples plump and nice. It works great, it feels great! I would not hesitate recommending this to my girl friends or buy another again. Five stars!

    -Review by hermione
  43. Skin Sensitive Friendly

    Recommended for people who like to spice up things a little but has a sensitive skin. It's skin friendly so rest assured it will give you nothing but pure pleasure.

    -Review by Jerry
  44. Did not pull or pinch

    I was actually hesitant about buying this at first as I was afraid I might experience a rather pulling or pinching sensation, but it doesn’t have any of such. They worked okay, it's quite good already for the price.

    -Review by Anna
  45. Love love love

    Never thought a nipple pump could give me so much pleasure. I love how it's so easy to use, very minimal effort for the pleasure it gives. Glad I gave this a try!

    -Review by Mia
  46. For enlargement

    To do the trick for enlargement and feeling, this nipple pump works wonders! It's quiet, handy and relatively easy to use. Worth the price and the five star rating!

    -Review by Rona
  47. Guarantees utmost satisfaction

    Suitable for sensitive areas like nipples and clit. It gives an amazing stimulation that guaranteer utmost satisfaction.

    -Review by Gino
  48. Just Can't get Enough

    Also great for clit stimulation. It leaves my girlfriend wanting for more plus it's a huge turn on for me watching her enjoyng the pleasure it gives.

    -Review by Roie
  49. Major Turn On!

    Ever since we purchased this product, every time we share an initimate moment with my partner we always start it by using this Soft Silicone Squeeze Nipple Pump from Randy Fox. It's a major turn on for the both of us.

    -Review by Jill
  50. Too difficult to say No.

    Everytime my partner use this on me I really find it difficult to say no. It gives me an extreme sensation all over my body so how could I say no?

    -Review by Lianne
  51. Favveeeeee

    I like collecting different toys but when it comes to nipple pumps, Randy Fox - Silicone Squeeze Nipple Pump is my favorite. It sucks really hard giving it's user an unexplainable feeling.

    -Review by Jana
  52. Blood circulation

    I actually bought this product for blood circulation too, not just plain pain and pleasure though that's a plus. This sucks… in a really stimulating and healthy way. Highly recommended product!

    -Review by Hazel
  53. Great for nipple play newbies!

    First time to do nipple play and it feels a bit strange yet pleasurable. I'm enjoying myself so far though. Thanks for this, Randy Fox!

    -Review by Dina
  54. Enjoyable

    My wife really wanted to buy this and I could see why. The sensitivity of her nipples are always high. I mean, not just always but all the time. She seems to really enjoy it and it drove her really crazy I am so happy I purchased this for her.

    -Review by Percy
  55. Would buy them again

    I love tugging on them when making love with my wife personally. My wife, on the other hand, says her nipples are quite sensitive after use of the product and would absolutely be willing to buy it over and over again. Highly recommended for safe and upgraded sex.

    -Review by James
  56. Spice up sex

    Sex with my boyfriend was somehow almost like a routine lately. It kind of gets boring because we do the same things every time. How to spice it up? I asked. And this came to answer our needs. My boyfriend was constantly turned on with the visuals and we enjoyed sex and the product very much.

    -Review by Rose Allie
  57. Loveeeee

    I bought this by impulse. I am sincerely lover of nipple play, and yet I have not kept anything for it in my collection until this popped up in a recommendation. The suction is what I like about it most, and like most of these reviews tell and I shall confirm to you too, it works great in making those tits swell and become sensitive! Geez, I'm so in love with it!

    -Review by Calypso799
  58. Never regretted

    I read the reviews before I bought the product as I was hesitant at first. I never used a nipple pump before but willing to explore wha it can do for me and my husband. Glad I listened to these people! I gave it a try and had really amazing fun with him. i figured I could also masturbate with it, which makes the price really really reasonable. I soooo love it.

    -Review by Levieee
  59. Wild!

    Perfectly wild for me! The sensation it gives me is truly amazing plus it also a major turn on for my partner. Thank you Randy Fox for such an amazing product!

    -Review by Ellen
  60. Better than other pumps

    This is really great for sensitive skin. I've tried other nipple pumps that hurt pretty badly when I use it, but I didn't have any problems with this one.

    -Review by Lina
  61. Five stars

    Five stars because the suction is really nice! It's erotic, extremely sexy and yet did not inflict any pain. It only made my nipples extremely sensitive I adore it!

    -Review by M Annie
  62. Sucker!

    It sucks big time...in a good way! My boyfriend and I often use this on my clit, it's so good like, the clitoris has become 10x more sensitive by using this pump. We are actually addicted to this! We plan on buying more soon.

    -Review by Missy
  63. Worth the $

    Needless to say, this nipple sucker is extremely amazing. It leaves my nipples and areola nicely swollen and super sensitive and soft. I love to pull and tug on them as the sensation increases. The sensations are just delicious, they are now a permanent fixture in my toy box. The price was very cheap for what they deliver, you should order 2. I have some clamps and stuff, but these nipple toys are by far my favourite in my collection.

    -Review by Angel Jones
  64. Turns me on

    My husband bought this for me one day, and I never knew nipple play could be extremely amazing and turn you on really great all the time! We are sooo loving it! Hope you get one for yourself and enjoy it too!

    -Review by Chris Tine
  65. Great Pleasure for a Low Price

    By far Soft Silicone Nipple Play form Fox Randy gives the best pleasure among all nipple pumps me and my partner have ever tried at a ver affordable price!

    -Review by Paj
  66. Intense

    Truly satisfying! This is recommended for couples who like to start trying new things. Its perfect because the intensity it gives is suitable for starting couples.

    -Review by Althea
  67. Sexy

    One good time is to see my wife's marble's hard and sensitive. It's crazy sexy! This nipple pump seems to do all the trick I do not regret buying it! The experience and quality of the product was really worth the price.

    -Review by serious
  68. Interesting

    Interestingly intense, if you ask me about my own personal experience with the product. I bought two and they were really of good use in teasing because of its powerful and sexy suction. It has become one of my favorites.

    -Review by Marie Jan
  69. New Fave

    I absolutely enjoyed the black one I got just today. So cute but super fun to use specially when I use it down on my clit. It took me to a new level of foreplay.

    -Review by Missy

    For lovers of nipple play, YOU SHOULD NOT MISS THIS! Its price is great, its suction is powerful and stimulating, it is very effective in soaring those nipples and turning both you and your partner on! Trust me, I use it every time for quite some time already and it has never failed me. Did not even break.

    -Review by Tinkerbell
  71. Can't stop using it

    Can't stop using this Nipple pump whenever I got the chance. A perfect tool to achieved satisfaction. Highly recommended for couples who like to take it to the next level!

    -Review by Chloe
  72. Does its job

    My wife always tells me to squeeze her nipples really hard and suck on them, and with this nipple pump, it makes the job really easy. The product serves its job well my wife and I are especially happy about it.

    -Review by harry
  73. Great for playtime

    These will literally suck your nipple right to the core. Very nice and intense. A very interesting product and I love how they use good quality materials. A piece of advice, make sure to wet the suckers and your nipples before using.

    -Review by aMarDeo
  74. TRUE

    If you ever buy one for yourself, you would discover that what they say about the suction is really true, that what they say about the stimulation is true, that what they say about the product is entirely true. Let me add up: it's safe!

    -Review by Herriet
  75. Most fun I had

    After a while, this nipple pump has made me experience the most fun with my breasts! Honestly, it's a product every woman out there deserves. Very outstanding!

    -Review by Villa
  76. It'll drive you both crazy

    Major turn on by seeing my girlfirend enjoying the pleasure it gives. This nipple pumps drives her crazy and leaves her begging for more!

    -Review by Grey
  77. Surprisingly Addictive

    I really love this product! It makes our shared moments with my partner extra special.Without this our intimate moments will not be complete!

    -Review by Grace
  78. Works wonders

    Used this a lot for clitoral stimulation and it feels absolutely wonderful. I love the suction so much and how it leaves me feeling so hard and sensitive.

    -Review by Giselle
  79. Best ones yet

    they really make your nipples stick out and pucker up with multiple uses. We use it to stimulate sensitive erogenous areas and wooow they are the best, and we have tried a few of them but these are our favourite. Discreet looking, no one will ever suspect you being kinky lol we use a little bit of lube before the session. It's great.

    -Review by Sandra Wells
  80. Loooove itttt

    After wearing them, they leave you more sensitive, which just makes everything else more enjoyable whether you want them to suck hard or suck less. No more words needed for me to say just "go ahead buy this."

    -Review by Jay to the Cee
  81. Fun to play with

    They help increased sensitivity in my nipples, and I'm very pleased. They have lots of suctions and stay on very well. They really suck hard, just don't leave it there far too long or you'll have massive nipples.

    -Review by L---y
  82. Works amazing...

    Not just for the nipples, caused arousal in other places as well. The tingling sensation is so good even if they stay longer than 5 minutes. It works better than I expected, really easy to use you can freely choose suction with just a squeeze, easy to get off, just the best. They are smooth, so soft I like how they feel on sensitive areas, no discomfort and add more stimulation. These nipple suckers work amazing and fantastic!

    -Review by Yvonne
  83. Sensitive skin friendly

    Bought two of these pumps and never thought they're pretty flexible and smooth. No doubt premium silicone is used so it's a big plus since I really have a very sensitive skin. I've tried other nipple suckers and they bruised me but with never with these. I'm giving five stars rate for that!

    -Review by Strawberry Kate
  84. Fun stimulation <3

    Awesome for the price and definitely works great for beginners like me! A great value for your money with its great grip. When applied to the nipples they create suction, which increases the blood flow to that area. I like a little bit of pain and this one gives me that squeeze I want. You won't wait long until it takes effect, it's actually instant, and once you feel the suction and the squeeze, wow, feels so good on my nipples. Blew my mind every single time. I often do this during solo play, I'm single so whatever lol. Enjoyed these little suckers so much.

    -Review by Braidy Page
  85. Enjoying them so far

    Tried these on to see if I can get my inverted nipples out but as soon as I put them on I immediately became aroused! I am now in love with them now.

    -Review by Maddie
  86. Stimulating

    Better than any other type of nipple suckers I've ever had in years. I absolutely love this, also, its uses are not limited to nipples...works great downstairs too.

    -Review by Unknown Fan
  87. Very good suction

    My wife bought these to surprise me on my birthday, what a lovely visual. I neverbeen so turned on in my life. I never knew that nipple play can be entertaining. They are much more exciting than nipple clips cos they can stay put longer.

    -Review by Josh K.
  88. Feels good

    Heightens sensitivity. The suction on them is just right and feel really good on my nipples and they make them really large, hard and sensitive.

    -Review by SAM Y.J.
  89. Perfect

    At first, I thought it was tricky to use but then the suction was pretty good like it's continuously sucking and squeezing your nipple and I love it!

    -Review by Catriona883

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