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  • Randy Fox - Unisex Randy Anal Douche Randy Fox - Unisex Randy Anal Douche
  • Randy Fox - Unisex Randy Anal Douche Randy Fox - Unisex Randy Anal Douche
  • Randy Fox - Unisex Randy Anal Douche Randy Fox - Unisex Randy Anal Douche

Randy Fox - Unisex Randy Anal Douche

By: Randy Fox

Quick Overview

We are proud to present to you our very own Unisex Randy Anal Douche; a versatile anal douche with easy to use squeeze nozzle. This simple to use douche will ensure that you are clean and ready for anal play at any time.

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We are proud to present to you our very own Unisex Randy Anal Douche; a versatile anal douche with easy to use squeeze nozzle. This simple to use douche will ensure that you are clean and ready for anal play at any time. Simply fill the bulb with water, insert into the anus and squeeze to release a steady stream of water.

Key Stats:

• Unisex anal douche with easy to use squeeze nozzle.
• Perfect for cleaning the anal cavity before anal play or for general health.
• Nozzle can be twisted and removed for easy filling.
• Easy as 1, 2 and 3. Fill with water, insert and squeeze!

Order it today and we'll ship it today!*

*Same business day dispatch if ordered alone or with other official Randy Fox branded products before 3pm EST.

Materials, Safety & Texture

  • Plastic, Silicone Composites
  • Hypo-allergenic, Phthalates Free
  • Blue
  • Smooth

Size, Shape & Fit

  • 14.1 cm (5.55 inch)
  • 6.1 cm (2.40 inch)
  • Diameter of Insertable Nozzle - 0.6 cm (0.24 inch)


  • Best Seller
  • Unisex
  1. Great product

    Great price for such a great product:) It's very easy to use and does an excellent job. This is my 2nd purchase and as usual, the delivery is speedy and discreet.

    -Review by Jolly
  2. OK

    A bit expensive for its size and usage but trust me, it's so worth the investment. Douches are so underrated yet so necessary in keeping a healthy sex life. Been using mine for a while now and I'm still very happy with it.

    -Review by Sandra
  3. Great Quality

    Been using mine for quite sometime now and surprisingly it is still effective. Highly recommended!

    -Review by Monique
  4. Easy to use

    This douche is as straightforwards as it gets when it comes to use. Just fill the bulb with water and you're ready to go. Good price too.

    -Review by Sara
  5. Adorable

    If you worry about not being clean when you want to have an all night long fun sex including anal, trust me, you will need and adore this product. It does what its expected to do.

    -Review by Danny
  6. More colors?

    This product is very compact and handy for anal play, although may I recommend offering it in other colours and including a pouch along with the purchase? Thank you!

    -Review by Marilyn
  7. Easy

    This douche is very convenient and easy to use. Also very easy to clean. Good for its price already.

    -Review by Blissy
  8. Thankful

    I bought one of this product for a friend a long time ago, and she literally thanked me because she said it worked out good as vaginal and anal douche. Now I bought it for myself for cleansing before sex, or just for hygiene. True enough, the cleansing does feel good. Thanks!

    -Review by Hannah
  9. Easy to use!

    Hassle free and easy to use. I have tried different douches before but this is the most easy and the most convenient anl douche to use.

    -Review by Janeth
  10. Effective for everything anal

    Shoutout to those who are fans of anal sex, I believe it would be good for you to consider this product. Since feeling clean also leads to feeling satisfied with sex itself, this product will not disappoint you in doing this job. Highly recommended!

    -Review by Babyboy
  11. awesome product

    I never thought this small product would improve my sex life in any way, but it did. It made me feel a lot cleaner and safer and my partners said the same too. I take it with me everywhere now just in case.

    -Review by Winnie
  12. Great gift!

    Bought this for my boyfriend and he loves it! He's been using it for his sexcapades and said that it's been very useful in keeping him clean before and after sex. I should've gifted him this ages ago haha

    -Review by Michell H.
  13. Effective

    This product works effectively! It was as it was described. It keeps you clean, it is safe, easy to use… Everything advertised, as they say. Amaziiiiiiiing! 5/5 stars!

    -Review by Tywin SL
  14. Good cleansing

    I bought this product not for sex but for anal cleansing to feel a little healthier, which I really did feel. I use it with warm water after applying a little Vitamin E cream.

    -Review by Roy
  15. Efficient

    For someone who loves anal sex like me, I believe this is an efficient product that prepares you for that happy and sexy moment. MUST GRAB ONE FOR YOURSELF, I tell you.

    -Review by Senpau
  16. Not disappointing

    I wanted to feel all fresh and flush all the impurities and this product did not disappoint me. I'm a 58-year old male, and this is surely just what I needed. I'm satisfied and glad I spent reasonable money for it.

    -Review by Mary_167
  17. Don't leave home without it

    Hey, you never know where the night will take you right? Easy to keep and looks normal enough to be something else. This one always keeps me ready.

    -Review by Johnny P
  18. WORTH IT

    Very affordable! I bought this with my points and it was so WORTH IT. I've been investing in douches to keep my sex life nice and healthy, and this is my new fave! Also I love how the nozzle can be removed so easily for filling and cleaning. A definite must-have!

    -Review by Eden
  19. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    Many of us are satisfied with Anal Play, but we should always remember that before engaging to this we should be able to clean ourself especially down there. Having a clean anal before enjoying the pleasure it brings will not only add more enjoynment but it will aslo guarantee satisfaction. Randy Fox – Unisex Randy Anal Douche is the anal douche I use when me and my partner agrees to take things to a new level. It’s easy to effective and hassle free.

    -Review by Ella
  20. better than average

    The reviews couldn’t have said it better, but this product works better than average, better than what I expected. It's a well-made product. Leaving it with a five star rating because it is easy to use and compact.

    -Review by Pau
  21. Comfortable

    This leads to a perfectly comfortable clean every single time. I did not use this for sex or such. Just for hygiene. It's really recommended for such purposes as it will not fail you in meeting these certain expectations of feeling healthy.

    -Review by Noli M
  22. Staying Healthy

    Unisex Randy Anal Douche from Randy Fox helps me to stay healthy by flushing out impurities and toxic in the Rectal Area. A highly recommended product for everyone who wish to stay healthy down there.

    -Review by Tina
  23. Surprisingly Affordable

    I can't believe I have an anal douche that is very easy to use and has the most affordable price. Compared to other anal douches that I have tried before, this one is the most affordable yet most convenient to use.

    -Review by Jane

    This product is simple and extremely easy. It's excellent for DIY and fits really well. This is a must-have for people who want to keep it clean.

    -Review by Jon N
  25. Pros and no cons

    Pros: Durable, sturdy product, simple, easy to use. Makes you feel really comfortable and clean every time, not leaky. Cons: Couldn’t notice anything! GO AND GET ONE FOR YOURSELF NOW.

    -Review by niichan
  26. nice

    Very nice product. I bought this out of curiosity and it's been pretty great. It did feel uncomfortable at first (very new with anal) but a bit of lube helps.

    -Review by Tricia
  27. A must try!

    Tried a lot of anal douches before. Sometimes there are too expensive or too confusing to use. A friend recommended this product and since then it is my personal favorite.

    -Review by Dona
  28. Fresh and clean feeling

    If you want to get really, really clean for that special anal sex with a love, you need this. It will not fail you at all. I personally loved the feeling when I first tried it (never used a douche before and never enjoyed anal sex before too!).

    -Review by Mia
  29. No hassle

    Using this douche is very easy and less complicated compared to other anal douches I have tried before. It’s easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store away after using because of its fit.

    -Review by Caryll
  30. Just add water and squeeze

    This douche is unbelievably easy to use! It's also tiny enough to fit any part of your bag. Great design, and really, what more can you ask for?

    -Review by Tiffany
  31. Does the trick

    Good quality product and very useful, lots of benefits in a small device. Amazing product.

    Whether you buy it health wise or for kink play, for this price, totally worth it!

    -Review by Trickster
  32. Nothing to complain

    When I write reviews, I often complain. But this one suits what I need perfectly I cannot write anything to complain about it. It's small and handy, very hygienic and not messy unlike other douche. Thumbs up!

    -Review by Jaime
  33. Perfect for Cleaning

    For peeps out there who like to do it back there cleaning should always be our primary concern before engaging in Anal Play. I have been using Randy Fox – Unisex Randy Anal Douche for quite some time now for removing impurities back door and also before enjoying the pleasure of anal play.

    -Review by Michelle
  34. Not bad at all

    Being a first-time user of this douche, I really didn't know what to expect. The sensation that I felt after using it though made me realize that I should've bought this a long time ago! Definitely no regrets with this one.

    -Review by Vix
  35. sturdy material

    A bit expensive for what it is, but the material seems pretty good so I'm guessing it'd last for a long time if cleaned and maintained properly. Comfortable to use and does its job well.

    -Review by Myrtle H.
  36. For hygiene purposes

    It's no secret that anal sex is not hygienic so to avoid the messy factor this anal douche is highly recommended.. I make it a hobby to douche before intimacy and this product never disappoints.. I purchased this and was pleased with the quick delivery and discreet packaging...

    -Review by SasuriQ
  37. Quality product

    Keep this handy, because this product works like a charm. Can't say enough about how simple and useful this thing really is. Get yours!

    -Review by Shoshana T
  38. Enemas

    It's extremely helpful for enema! Simple and easy, also really reasonable for it price. Who wouldn't not like it? Recommending this for hygiene. It's worth it.

    -Review by jesseira
  39. awesome

    A really good product from Randy Fox. I'm very happy to find it here. It may seem small and simple but it's definitely worth the investment. Cheers!

    -Review by Marilou
  40. Right for anyone

    Everyone deserves the fresh and clean feeling. It is a right after all and not a privilege. This douche lets everyone who buy it avail of such right! Thank you so much Randy Fox, for such an amazing product!

    -Review by noore_moon
  41. Expensive

    A bit on the pricey side for me, but it does its job well so that's okay. It's very straightforward in terms of usage and cleaning.

    -Review by Jackie
  42. Does a great job

    Works amazing for the price and cleans the bum hole well. You can carry it with you while traveling because of its discreet features. Just disassemble it and put it in a bag.

    -Review by Cre8
  43. Practical

    Having an anal douche on hand is practical for people who enjoys the pleasure of anal play. Randy Fox – Unisex Randy Anal Douche is the most recommended anal douche to have. It’s easy to use and it is perfect for beginners.

    -Review by Jackie
  44. Helpful

    Randy Fox – Unisex Randy Anal Douche is a very heloful tool for staying fresh through out anal play. It is also helpful for people who are concerned for cleansing.

    -Review by Ruth
  45. Excellent!

    Good quality and it arrived early. Need to do it a few times to really clean out down there but I have no complaints there. Another excellent product from Randy Fox!

    -Review by Vanessa
  46. Not painful anymore

    I was uncomfortable using a larger size douche before as it hurts when you insert it, but this is a little smaller and not painful now, I do not regret having this.

    -Review by M Kyla

    Two thumbs up for the creators of this product!! It's professional and works effectively. It was consciously designed for that deep cleansing of rectum, thus keep sex feel clean.

    -Review by Ammie
  48. very useful

    A must-have for those who do or want to try anal. It's important to be clean and safe during and after sex. I've already bought mine from a while back and it's still very useful to me.

    -Review by Marguerite L.
  49. so cleeeaaaaannnn

    I've always been anxious about going anal because of the possible mess it'll make, but now the worries are gone now, thanks to this product! I always feel so clean and fresh after I use it. I just wish it comes with more colors though.

    -Review by jonelle
  50. easy to use

    Used my points on this and it's great. Very easy to fill up and clean, everything else is pretty straightforward. It might feel strange for newbies, but just keep at it, you'll be fine
    Used my points on this and it's great. Very easy to fill up and clean, everything else is pretty straightforward. It might feel strange for newbies, but just keep at it, you'll be fine.

    -Review by mabbott
  51. Convenient

    Easy to use and can be taken anywhere without hassle. It’s small and light weight so it won’t be bothering you whenever you need to carry it.

    -Review by Sheila
  52. Safety first

    At first, Anal Play was a big No No for me. I was scared of the risks. But my partner bought me this anal douche. Since then we started exploring back there. Now, I already know how pleasurable anal play is and since I had lost the anal douche my partner gave me when we had our vacation last month, We're ordering it again! If I wasn't introduced to this product back then, I may have missed some of the most initmate moments my boyfriend had shared. Thank you Rand Fox for this wonderful product!

    -Review by Irene
  53. Mess No More

    Got my cleaning trouble away. Many thanks to this product that made me feel cleaned, freed and definitely ready to rumble with my boo again.

    -Review by Alex
  54. Gentle and simple

    The small lube did not hurt, making enema gentle, clean and relatively simple. It will not disappoint you as it does its job really effectively, without a lot of mess. It’s impressive.

    -Review by T Aira
  55. Good quality

    The Unisex Anal Douche is a wonderful product. It's very easy and comfortable to use. Material is good quality and very easy to clean. Highly recommended.

    -Review by Lianna R.
  56. Health Beneficial

    Studies have shown that Anal Douching is a way for cleansing out impurities directly from the Rectal Area. I have been doing anal douching for quite sometime with Unisex Randy Anal Douche from Randy Fox. It's perfect for cleansing out directly from rectal area while protecting the delicate tissue underneath. Try it yourself!

    -Review by May
  57. Recommended

    I am very pleased with this anal douche. It's already been months of frequent use and still works as fine as the first use.

    It's smooth with no sharp edges whatsoever and holds enough fluid. It's no fuzz design is really appealing to me, it has a very minimalistic feels to it.

    Quite well made for its cheap price. This product is no doubt an excellent anal douche even though it's bigger than I expected but all in all, it's a nice product and does what it's meant to do.

    If you're looking for a great anal douche, look no more. Totally worth buying, you will not regret.

    -Review by Bran
  58. Perfect Size

    Unisex Randy Anal Douche from Randy Fox is the most suitable Anal douche for me. Its easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store or easy to carry because of it’s perfect small size.

    -Review by Anya
  59. must-have

    This is a must-have for anyone both interested or experienced in anal. Sexual health is very important. A tip for newbies and beginners: for easier access, add water-based lube on the nozzle before insertion. Good luck and enjoy!

    -Review by Ozie
  60. On time delivery

    When Randy Fox says they'll deliver the item today, they really do! One of the many reasons I keep buying from here. Super fast as always, just how I like it

    -Review by Oli
  61. Satisfactory

    I have no issues nor any injuries yet despite frequent use so I must say that it's made of high-quality materials! My experience is satisfactory.

    -Review by Darius
  62. Works really niiice

    Exactly as described. The package is nice and it works just as great as you can imagine. Very pleased with the products from Randy Fox. Until next time.

    -Review by Rodje
  63. Safest Douche

    The most simple anal douche I have ever tried. It’s less complicated compared to other products so the chance of hurting yourself because of unproper usage is very rare. For me this is the safest Anal Douche!

    -Review by Dianne
  64. Hygienic Habit

    It is reallly important for me to stay healthy and clean. Including being clean down there. As a away of cleansing out toxic I use Unisex Randy Anal Douche from Randy Fox. This is the most handy anal douche for me compared to other product I have tried before.

    -Review by Nathalie
  65. Happy with this purchase

    Happy with item, hygienic and good quality. Absolutely worth my money, holds a lot of liquid, simple design, easy to use and clean, nothing to complain about it.

    -Review by Mary_Go_Blonde
  66. Really pleased

    You will have to fill it up by squeezing the bulb first and submerge it into the water or just the nozzle in a glass of water. My boyfriend taught me that when he saw me having a hard time lmao :))) Great product! Pretty straightforward to use.

    -Review by Garrett
  67. Handy

    Surprisingly small, compact and light to carry. It won’t take too much space and you wouldn’t know it is there because of its lightness.

    -Review by Shin
  68. Grateful for this

    No matter how steamy things get, you can always rely on the anal douche. Keeps you clean, fast. Down and dirty? That's not the case with me anymore, and I'm grateful!

    -Review by Nataly
  69. Cool item

    Does what it supposed to do. Easy to get up your behind. Just fill it with warm water and squeeze away. You might need to use lube or vaseline before insertion as the anal cavity is a very delicate area. Warm water works just fine with this item. I'm glad I've purchased this.

    -Review by Mark
  70. Cleaning the rectum

    "Easy to clean and keep clean...great for a cleansing experience.
    I make sure to douche my anus often as I've read that prostate cancer is caused by fecal waste stuck between the thin line of rectum and prostate.

    I use this as a detox to clean my colon. It's great that this anal douche is also hypoallergenic and phthalates free.
    Use vaseline on the end before insertion for comfort."

    -Review by zero_junk
  71. Fast Transaction

    Fastets Transaction I have ever experienced! if you are looking for a anal douche order this. I ordered mine by morning and by late afternoon of the same day the packaged had already arrived.

    -Review by Shaira
  72. Great for beginners!

    Very easy and comfy for beginners! This is the first time I bought an anal douche and I love it so much! It's very helpful during my adventures and escapades *EYE EMOJI* Thanks, Randy Fox!

    -Review by N. S.
  73. good and cheap alternative

    Very good for a quick and cheap cleaning, but don't expect it to be as effective as enema. Also don't be too daring and go raw, that's still pretty risky and can be a bit messy. Be safe and healthy y'all.

    -Review by solferguson
  74. Functional

    This is really functional, and comfortable to use. Handy!!! Does not leak a lot. Durable. So far nothing disappointing about it. Glad I bought it!

    -Review by Marrie
  75. Safe to use

    When buying Anal douches we should always remember that we should carefully choose the product that is safe and effective. Since Randy Fox – Unisex Randy Anal Douche is made out of Plastic and Silicone Composites, it surely guarantees that it will not harm any soft or delicate tissues.

    -Review by Jeth
  76. Great value for money

    I was looking for a douche that's fairly affordable and came across this one. Not only is it value for your money, it also does exactly what it needs to. Excellent!

    -Review by Ron
  77. Definitely a must have for people who like to try down town ;)

    When I was still discovering the wonders of anal play. I had no idea about what to do before doing it. Me and my partner was a bit hesistant of doing it at first because of the risk that it brings and then a friend recommended Unisex Randy Anal Douche. I was scared at first but when I got to know how easy it to use, there was no stopping for me and my partner taking our relationship to the next level!

    -Review by Pia
  78. Safe and clean

    Functional and already reasonable for its price. I'm proudly gay by the way, with a boyfriend who was always insecure about cleanliness, but with this douche, all insecurities were washed away. I highly recommend this!

    -Review by Reese
  79. The douche I really like

    After trying various similar products I finally found the one! It's smooth, easy to squeeze and use, and can hold enough liquid to clean the part where the sun doesn't shine!

    -Review by Jon V.
  80. So fresh, so clean

    I bought the anal douche because my boyfriend and I are quite adventurous and having this around made sure that we were always clean. I also love how it's so unassuming that no one will ever know what it is!

    -Review by Marisha
  81. Smooth Stream

    Creates a smooth stream that protects the delicate tissue on rectal area but at the same time it is very effective in flushing out impurities. Great Job!

    -Review by Jennifer
  82. Good as vaginal douche

    Is this product also good as vaginal douche? I could tell you yes. I use it as vaginal douche too and I did not feel any discomfort or pain of some sort.

    -Review by Tyra
  83. Smoooth

    The material is smoother and feels like its gonna last longer than my previous douche and it has a nice long smooth nozzle which is very easy to clean. Purchasing this reusable douche is a smart choice.

    -Review by Beau
  84. Very versatile

    Love this! Product is high quality and very versatile. Great and easy for cleaning but can also be used for a fun bit of sex play if that's your thing.

    -Review by Kylie F.
  85. Thank God it's hypoallergenic

    I had all these sorts of allergies and wanted to buy a douche that was hypoallergenic just to be safe. I'm happy to say that I've used this product more than once now, and no allergic reactions for me. I highly recommend this to those who are in need of one.

    -Review by J. Dewitt
  86. Efficient

    I am a very hygienic and clean person and I use this daily. I am pleased with its quality, a wear-and-tear product. The enema bulb does exactly as it should with minimal effort and holds the right amount of liquid. Helps with my constipation too.

    -Review by Aries
  87. Perfect for Frequent Use

    It squeeze out water smoothly to protect the delicate tissue in the rectal area yet it is still effective in flushing out impurities so it is recommended for frequent use. Unlike any other douches which squeeze out water strongly that can damage the delicate tissues.

    -Review by Joshie
  88. Interesting

    Only got into anal recently and this is my first time purchasing a douche so I wasn't so sure what to expect. It's been an interesting journey haha. This product is very easy to use for a newbie like me, so that's good.

    -Review by B
  89. Affordable with Great Quality

    A great product at a very affordable price. Nothing beats out Unisex Randy Anal Douche from Randy Fox from being the most easy to use anal douche!

    -Review by Hazel
  90. cheap and convenient

    I do coffee enemas monthly to help clean my system, and while nothing could ever replace the real thing, this anal douche is a fast and convenient cleansing alternative. Best thing is you can use it as often as you want with little time or effort. Highly recommended.

    -Review by Julianna V.
  91. Recommended

    The size is really nice. Comfortable and very easy to use. Of very high quality and durability. Would recommend it to my friends.

    -Review by Anjo Jr
  92. Small but very helpful

    I am still wondering how did a small douche like Unisex Randy Anal Douche can be a great help in achieving the most pleasurable anal play. I never tried anything else beside this product and I’m planning to stay that way. Randy Fox – Unisex Randy Anal Douche is perfect for me!

    -Review by Rachel
  93. Best for Hygenic Practice

    Since this anal douche is Hypo-allergenic and Phthalates Free it is one of the most safe anal douche. For people like me who likes to use anal douches not only for anal play but also for hygeinic purposes this is a must have!

    -Review by Lesly
  94. LOVE THIS!!

    Where have you been all my life??? Anal is fun and exciting and all but it also left me feeling messy and unclean at times, until this baby showed up!! I feel much more comfortable with my body now, it's great!!!

    -Review by bev
  95. easy to use

    This product from Randy Fox is of excellent quality and is well worth the very competitive price. Feels weird and awkward to use but it keeps your bottom clean. Superb!!

    -Review by Straight guy
  96. Perfect for Anal Play

    Every time my boyfriend and I are up for anal play, I always use this product to help me clean myself back there. It's very effective and does not take a lot of time to use!

    -Review by Kristina
  97. Perfect 10!

    From it’s quality, price and safety features, Unisex Randy Anal Douche from Randy Fox shouts for Perfect 10! It’s proven to be effective, safe and handy compared to other anal douches.

    -Review by Cherry
  98. Stay Fresh

    Want to stay fresh all through out the anal play? Then I highly recommend Randy Fox – Unisex Randy Anal Douche. Staying fresh downtown is very important if you want to engaged in Anal Play. I have been using this douche for awhile now and my partner loves how fresh I am back there. It makes the moment more intimate and romantic.

    -Review by Melody

    I've been waiting for this for so long! Douches are very underrated in sex shops, both online and local, but it's very much needed to have a healthy sex life. I'm enjoying using this so far. Thank you, Randy Fox!

    -Review by F
  100. Keeps us clean

    My wife loves anal sex, and of course we could not have one while feeling dirty. We would like to keep it clean and this product helps in ensuring that we enjoy the sexy time clean and healthy. Highly recommended!

    -Review by Anthony L
  101. General Health

    Anal Douches should not only be known as a preparation for Anal Play but also it is a way of flushing impurities in the Rectal area. Randy Fox - Unisex Randy Anal Douche is the most easy to use douche. I highly recommed this product if you want to start cleansing all the way down. I have been using this myself and I am really satisfied on how it helps me flush out all the impurities and toxic.

    -Review by Sarah
  102. Versatile

    Having an Anal Douche doesn’t mean it should be used as a tool for Anal Play preparation. It should also be used as a cleansing tool. Randy Fox – Unisex Randy Anal Douche is perfect for people who are looking for Anal cleansing tools not only for anal play preparation but also for hygienic purposes.

    -Review by Thea
  103. LIKE ;))

    I like it. It's very small so I can just put it in a pouch, drop it in my bag and take it anywhere. Very useful after impromptu... you know :))

    -Review by danielle
  104. Feel Safe Before Anal Play

    Knowing your clean down there gives assurance to you and your partner that whatever you do, you are both safe from the possible risk you may face. We have been doing anal play with my partner for quite sometime and ever since we haven't experienced any complications because we always ensure that it well cleaned before doing it and we have Unisex Randy Anal Douche for that!

    -Review by Rose
  105. Affordable

    One of the most affordable douches I know. It’s affordable with a great quality. A budget-friendly douche for people who likes to experiment back there.

    -Review by Sam
  106. Great douche

    What I like about this anal douche is it's not complicated to use and does the job required. Definitely cleans the bottom. Use lukewarm water.

    -Review by R.G.
  107. Works really niiice

    Exactly as described. The package is nice and it works just as great as you can imagine. Very pleased with the products from Randy Fox. Until next time.

    -Review by Rodje
  108. Awesome product

    I'm a guy and this prouct is awesome. It did everything as expected of it. No such thing which is dysfunctional. Felt healthy overall. Thumbs up!

    -Review by Loisa
  109. Perfect!

    It does not hurt to insert this, with no mess at all, and absolutely easy to clean. Perfect size already! A perfect 5 star too!

    -Review by Lisa
  110. Amazing


    -Review by Madisson
  111. Expectations reached

    From a douche, I expect
    1) easy to use
    2) not leaky
    3) easy to clean.

    This Randy Fox product did not fail me. If I were you, I wouldn’t hesitate on buying such douche. It's a must have after all!

    -Review by expectant 1029
  112. We love it!

    Just what I needed. This anal douche makes your bum squeaky clean and prep you for anal play. With this, I'm always ready for some anal and my partner has never been so happy!;P

    -Review by Xander
  113. Does the job in seconds

    If you're like me and like to keep things clean even when things get hot and heavy, then this is the product for you. Compact, easy to clean, and good as advertised!

    -Review by Mary B
  114. Works as intended

    You have to make sure you are strong enough to get one big squirt up there to achieve the desired results or it can be a little...gross. Overall, this product is great, good quality, tight nozzle fit and does what its suppose to do. Nothing to complain about just use it with caution.

    -Review by June
  115. Worth Trying

    I kept on changing anal douches for quite sometime until I found Randy Fox - Unisex Randy Anal Douche

    -Review by Kyla
  116. Excellent product

    This anal douche from Randy Fox is absolutely wonderful it's soft and smooth and very efficient. No leakage whatsoever. I've tried a lot of different kinds of anal douche but this one beats them all. Professional grade product which is very easy to use and clean. Great prep for anal sex!

    -Review by Daemon
  117. Readily Available

    I am not the type of person to write product reviews but this Unisex Randy Anal Douche from Randy Fox amazes me. It’s surprisingly readily available so if you order today, you’ll get it today!

    -Review by Rex
  118. For hygiene

    I'm really obsessive about proper hygiene and cares a lot about being clean. Naturally I did not like anal sex because it can be really uncomfortable and unhealthy for me, but I realized having a douche as effective and convenient as this helps. A good buy!

    -Review by Ruth Par
  119. ok

    It's okay. I've made a bit of a mess when I first tried it and it felt a bit weird, but after a few more tries, I got used to it and there's this satisfying feeling of cleanliness after every douche. I recommend using it with a bit of lube and to do it by the toilet if it's your first time.

    -Review by angelie
  120. Staying Fresh

    Ever since I started suing Unisex Randy Anal Douche, staying fresh down there for anal play or for health practice is not a problem. This anal douche takes care of them for me. Thank you Randy Fox!

    -Review by Myla
  121. Pleasurable Anal Play

    The secret to have an extreme at the same time pleasurable Anal play is having a fresh and clean Anal before engaging. I have tried many anal douches before but nothing beats Unisex Randy Anal Douche form Randy Fox. It’s simple to use and very effective in cleansing me all the way down.

    -Review by Trish
  122. Recommended

    My friend recommended this to me and honestly I thought it was ridiculous at first since I managed to enjoy myself just fine without it, but it really made all the difference and I use it all the time now. It's great.

    -Review by Ethelle
  123. good phone call service

    Really good service from Randy Fox! Phone call orders are prompt, assistive and respectful, and the delivery time is very quick, I was surprised. Great job RF staff!

    -Review by Bella D.
  124. As easy as ABC

    Randy Fox – Unisex Randy Anal Douche is the most easiest, hassle free, and most convinient anal douche I have ever tried. This is perfect for people like me who are still exploring the pleasure of anal play while staying safe and healthy!

    -Review by Elaine
  125. Less Hassle

    Many reviews have said that this is the most easy to use anal douche. Got mine recently, and tried it myself. True enough, this is the most easy to use anal douche.

    -Review by Julienne
  126. Easy Squeezing

    What I love the most about this product is it’s easy to squeeze bulb. It’s amazing how the soft squeezing of the bulb produce steady stream of water to flush out every impurity down there without harming any soft tissues. This is perfect if you want to spend more time with your partner to enjoy the pleasure the play brings and lessen the time flushing out impurities.

    -Review by Phea
  127. happy purchase

    Any male should be clean too, you see. Thanks to this convenient and handy product, I feel fresh inside out. I am very happy with the purchase. :)

    -Review by Lo
  128. Safe for Everyone

    Guaranteed Hypo-allergenic and Phthalates Free. Ever since we started learning anal play, this is the only anal douche we have been using and so far we haven't experienced any problems. Sticking to this brand forever!

    -Review by Vanessa
  129. newbie help?

    Honestly, it feels pretty strange using it. Is it because I'm not used to it? Will it get better after a while? But I guess it's doing its job well so far so that's good.

    -Review by Kitty
  130. Cleaning the rectum

    Easy to clean and keep clean...great for a cleansing experience.
    I make sure to douche my anus often as I've read that prostate cancer is caused by fecal waste stuck between the thin line of rectum and prostate.

    I use this as a detox to clean my colon. It's great that this anal douche is also hypoallergenic and phthalates free.
    Use vaseline on the end before insertion for comfort.

    -Review by zero_junk
  131. cost effective

    My advice if it's your first time is to completely fill it up with water or else you'll get a lot of air inside you well at least based on my own experience anyways this is a good product for its price

    -Review by xiann
  132. 5 stars

    Easy peasy to use. That's all i want to say but the comment section wont allow me to leave a short comment so im just gonna add that it's an amazing anal douche go buy one.

    -Review by Echo
  133. Fast Shipping

    I have ordered this product by morning and surprisingly it arrived to me in the afternoon the very same day! I have ordered different douches from other sites but this one is the fastest. Thanks Randy Fox!

    -Review by Lyka
  134. friendly douche

    The nozzle is very easy to use and remove when cleaning. I am not an advanced user as an anal douche intimidates me a little but this one looks "friendly". It has become a big part of me and my husband's sex life now (gay couple).

    -Review by Reynaldo
  135. Great service

    This is my first time buying from Randy Fox and the process is quick and convenient. The packaging is nice and discreet and the delivery is really swift, I couldn't believe it. Would buy again!

    -Review by Charissa F.
  136. Soft Bulb

    Easy to press and easy to refill. The best thing about this product is it is easy to use and less complicayed compared to other anal douches.

    -Review by Roshell
  137. Clean ass

    That ass should not only be an ass. It should be a CLEAN ass, otherwise it would be disappointing and uncomfortable. This douche cleanses with ease of use and lasts long. I've been using it for quite some time now.

    -Review by claustroaf
  138. Good service

    A pretty good product. Packaged nicely and is in very good condition. Process and delivery are swift too. Would buy from Randy Fox again, thanks.

    -Review by Coralee
  139. Easy to clean

    Anal Douches helps us clean and remove impurities, but in order for them to stay effective we should also consider having them cleaned the proper way. Randy Fox – Unisex Randy Anal Douche will not only help us stay clean but also it is really convenient. It’s easy to clean thus ensuring effectiveness and safety to the person who is using.

    -Review by Alex
  140. Happy with this purchase

    Happy with item, hygienic and good quality. Absolutely worth my money, holds a lot of liquid, simple design, easy to use and clean, nothing to complain about it.

    -Review by Mary_Go_Blonde
  141. easy to use

    This product from Randy Fox is of excellent quality and is well worth the very competitive price. Feels weird and awkward to use but it keeps your bottom clean. Superb!!

    -Review by Straight guy
  142. Squeaky clean

    Works amazing for anal cleaning and douching. It arrived on time and just what I needed. The nozzle is long enough for a deep clean.

    -Review by Justine
  143. Perfect for Newbie

    Unisex Randy Anal Douche is perfect for newbies like me. I had no idea on how to use this before but after seeing it and ofcourse with a little reasearch I figured it out that it is easy and simple to use.

    -Review by Allen
  144. good investment

    The Unisex Anal Douche is a wonderful product and investment for those into anal play! The nozzle is very small so it suits everyone, whether beginner or experienced.

    -Review by Lindsey C.
  145. perf

    This was recommended to me by a friend so I bought this with the Swiss Navy water-based lube and it works so well together! Perfect combo for beginners.

    -Review by Tess
  146. Useful

    I got it as a present a year ago and thought it's very funny but now I find this product very useful so I bought myself a new one.

    -Review by Emilia
  147. Non Toxic

    I am a very allergic person. So finding tools for achieving sexual pleasure is very difficult for me. But then I found this Randy Fox - Unisex Randy Anal Douche, I tried it the first time and I had no allergic reaction to it all. Thank you Ranndy Fox - Unisex Randy Anal Douche, you have been the reason why I can now explore more without having to be scared.

    -Review by Ericka
  148. AMAZING

    This product is amazing and it is super easy to use and clean, and small so it’s easy for beginners :D
    I’d definitely recommend to everyone!! 10/10

    -Review by Loved
  149. Quick'n'easy

    Small, compact, easy to use and easy to clean. This is one of the best choices I've made and it is well worth the money!

    -Review by Jim
  150. Cleanliness is next to......

    I've never used a douche before, so buying this was quite a decision. And I feel I made the right one.

    Using the first time was a weird sensation, but when complete, I felt clean and safe to start anal play with my partner without worry of messy accidents. He even complimented me on my cleanliness.

    Make sure you use a good water based lube for insertion. Check the water temperature. Take your time! And if you've never used a douche before, make sure you're near your toilet, just in case!

    Have fun.

    D. xx

    -Review by Delta
  151. Perfect

    Thing product works first time every time. I keep it in my handbag and take it with me everywhere incase.. You never know... ;-) I LOVE it! Definitely 5 stars!!

    -Review by Jen

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