Research has found that the foods we eat on a regular basis can affect our sex lives in more ways than one. Aphrodisiacs are not medically proven, but they work wonders for some lovers who are more than happy to pass along their secrets. These 10 common foods will serve you just as well!



Ginger increases blood circulation in the genital area, which is precisely what Viagra and similar supplements do for you.  Furthermore, many believe ginger has an arousing aroma.



A lot of us have a love for chocolate, I mean, it's just so damn tasty…but do you know why?  Chocolate contains “love chemicals” anandamide, phenylethylamine and tryptophan.  Simply put, they help to release dopamine in your brain.  This is the same chemical that helps bring along orgasm.



Chilli pods contain capsaicin, a chemical that has been known to release endorphins, which some say contribute much to sexual appetite and pleasure. They also help to increase blood flow and circulation, which also helps.



This nut helps keep your blood flow fast and flowing, and excellent vascular health helps to intensify orgasms and increase sex drive. They have also been known to be a link that help some men maintain their erections.



This fruit is high in B6, which helps to regulate the thyroid gland and the release of those good hormones. Avocados are also high in potassium and folic acid, which can boost libido and energy.



Bananas are not only shaped suggestively but also help men to produce testosterone and to keep up their stamina. This has been linked to the presence of the enzyme ‘bromelain’ which is available in Bananas.



No wonder granny was so fertile…she was a demon in the sack, and that may be all thanks to porridge.  This healthy food improves prostate health, contributing to healthy semen, and also works as a general libido enhancer.



Nutmeg has been used in many cultures around the world as a popular booster of "sex drive", but it has also shown some promise of having an aphrodisiacal effect on lab mice. Hopefully it’s the same for us!



Honey contains the chemical boron, which helps to produce oestrogen in women, contributing to overall sexual health. Honey can also be an energy booster and help to build up your immune system.


Figs have always been associated with sex, since ancient times, and even in numerous biblical references.  Legend has it that sex goddess Cleopatra ate many figs, and these helped her to keep an insatiable appetite.  To this day, figs are still associated with fertility.


Other natural aphrodisiacs to sample include garlic, fennel, oysters, liquorice and celery.  Indeed, the healthier you and your partner are, the more you get out of sex.  There is no need to drink down strange supplemental drinks, rub anything on your twanger, or go see the doctor for an awkward conversation.  Try to improve your dieting first and make sure to add some of these extras (very discreet ones, at that!) to your grocery bag!