Foreplay, or lack of foreplay, has traditionally been an issue that supposedly concerned men and the women they failed to please.  However, recent research has shown that either gender may have problems extending foreplay and prolonging the sexual experience. 

It’s easy to understand why there is a problem here.  Much of what we learn about sex, from TV and movies, from pornography, from class room talk or dirty jokes, is a warped view of what sex is supposed to be. It’s no wonder that so many men shorten the foreplay session and straight go for the breasts or the down stairs region, because this is precisely what our society has taught men to do.  The Westernized view of sex often teaches that sex is about conquest.  This couldn’t be far from the truth.

Here a five simple, yet effective foreplay tips that are often forgotten and should help keep things in perspective:

1)  Compliment Each Other. First and foremost, communication is always a key factor in any relationship, with compliments helping to build self esteem, and therefore confidence in the bedroom.

2)  Add Some Props. Adding a sensual backdrop, including candles, bed petals, or perhaps stepping it up a notch with edible treats gets you ready in anticipation for what’s to come. It also shows that you have taken the effort, which is always a big turn on.

3) Take Your Time In Undressing Each Other. Remember, it’s not a race! The anticipation will heighten the mood and your senses. Your body will respond accordingly by releasing those feel good hormones.

4) Spend Some Time Caressing. Gently caress each other with soft touch, being sure to take deep breaths in between. Switch between the insides and the outsides of your fingers in a slow, swirling motion.

5) Don’t Spend Too Much Time On One Area. Gently kiss all over, particularly focussing on erogenous zones that may have been forgotten. The neck, around the navel and the wrist have proven to be quite underrated. Try them out.

What is the wrong type of sex?  Fast, thoughtless, goal-oriented sex.  This is the worst way to go about it, because if you don’t really enjoy what you’re doing you will inevitably disappoint your partner and fall short of your own expectations. In reality, the best sex is when you savour the moment.