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February may be over, but that doesn’t mean your steamy sessions - whether it is with your partner or with yourself - should end as well! A new holiday is dawning over Tasmania - the Launceston Cup. And so, we created a list of adult toys that we think you should bring to the event.

Should You Bring Sex Toys to the Launceston Cup?

By now you might be asking yourself, “Hold on! Why should I bring my sex toys during the upcoming holiday? I mean, is it even appropriate?” Perhaps the better question to ask yourself will be, “Why not?”

The Launceston Cup, which happens this February 27, 2019, has been one of the most sought-after racing events in Tasmania for over 150 years. It had a long history behind it, and you’ll be surprised to know that there are plenty of reasons why you should consider bringing your trusty vibrator or whatever adult toy you have. Trust us, it’s going to be well worth having them!

For starters, the Launceston Cup is a horse-racing spectacle seen by many. Since the event first started way before 1865, it continued to draw droves of spectators. The records revealed that it used to bring in around 6,000 people, but now it commands at least 12,000. It invites audiences as far as Melbourne and even draws the attention of dignitaries. There’s your market right there!

Aside from the actual horse racing, it also hosts the “fashions on the field” event. So you know people will be there to dress to impress, not just watch the galloping and running across the fields. Yes, that means you’re likely to meet an attractive lad or gal! Best be prepared. (discreet giggles!)

Oh, and perhaps the most compelling reason why you need to be equipped with sex toys is because of a strong, passion instigator - alcohol! That’s right, author of “The Launceston Cup Story 1865-1964” Frank Dexter mentioned that there were around eleven liquor booths established during the event. You know what they say, when there’s booze, you easily let loose!

Adult Toy Must-Haves for the Holiday

So, now that we have you nodding your heads that you absolutely need to bring your sex toys, here are some of our recommendations of which ones you should bring!

Sleek Auto-Vac Randy Penis Pump - Randy FoxSleek Auto-Vac Randy Penis Pump

Well, we all know that horses are rather gifted (coughing) down there. So, gentlemen, the pressure is on to be at your true performance size! If this is a feat you’d like to achieve, then we highly suggest you buy the Sleek Auto-Vac Randy Penis Pump. With easy control buttons and exquisite vacuum effects, it will make sure you’re primed to get into action!

Perfect Fit Ribbed Ring Cock Ring - Randy FoxPerfect Fit Ribbed Ring Cock Ring

The Launceston Cup shows the endurance of race horses, so shouldn’t we be able to channel that same stamina in bed as well? It has been a perennial problem for men to last longer than usual and have harder erections, but worry no more. The Perfect Fit Ribbed Ring Cock Ring solves the usual problems, not to mention it doesn’t break easy! And because it is non-porous, cleaning it up is as easy as soaking it in soap and warm water.

Master Series Mamba Cock Sheath Penis Sleeve - Randy FoxMaster Series Mamba Cock Sheath Penis Sleeve

Let’s face it. Some men have issues with either the length of their member, or how long they can last while pleasuring their partner. That’s pretty much the problem we’ve mentioned in the first two bullet points rolled into one. But don’t fear! We present to you the Master Series Mamba Cock Sheath Penis Sleeve. That allows you to give your partner the sexual pleasure they want, while you’re also able to control your own! Totally a win-win!

Bodywand Midnight Japanese Massager - Randy FoxBodywand Midnight Japanese Massager

The Launceston Cup races are about speed. You know what matches the ever-changing speed of the tracks? Let us introduce you to the Bodywand Midnight Japanese Massager. It may be a compact sex toy, but don’t let the packaging fool you. It is both powerful and soft, giving a satisfying delight to your senses. And because it is rechargeable, you won’t have to worry about getting batteries to power it up. Try it alone or with a partner!

Rocks Off Butt Throb Anal Vibrator - Randy FoxRocks Off Butt Throb Anal Vibrator

You know what else boasts erotic speed? The Rocks Off Butt Throb Anal Vibrator. It has seven speed settings that can cater to your unique needs and send you to seventh heaven easily. Because it has a slim neck, your muscle can simply wrap tightly around the adult toy while it sends sexual vibrations. It can be used by either men or women, so feel free to give anal play a chance!

Those are just a few of the many selections you can choose from. Want to see more? Check our wide array of sex toys here and for a limited time, you can get 20 percent off when you type the code FLASH20 upon checkout. So, shop now and gallop your way to ecstasy. You’ve earned it!

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