The great debate isn’t whether you should buy a vibrator, or whether you will have an orgasm; the great debate is what type of choice you feel would suit you best and how this will affect your orgasmic response.  We have broken down the debating dilemma and have come up with the key pros and cons of each type: plug in, battery and rechargeable. We hope this will help your decision making process (at least one aspect of it any way!).

 Battery Powered Vibes

Let’s start with battery-powered vibrators, usually the most common design in the sex toy industry.  This is the category of toy with the slickest of visuals, since battery operation allows great flexibility in design.  You simply buy new batteries and wear your sex toy out, come what may.

The pros of battery powered sex toys include portability, more interesting shapes and sizes in toy design, and cost-efficiency.  However, practically any woman who uses traditional battery-powered sex toys admits that they lack the power of their competitors.  Therefore, if you need major stimulation to orgasm, you may be whacking up the wrong tree with battery power.


Plug-In Vibes

These toys are possibly the most inconvenient, since they have to plug in directly to a wall outlet.  However, these toys are undoubtedly the most powerful selection.  These sex toys give you the highest concentration of vibration intensity and thus the most intense orgasms if you need raw strength at your disposal.  These products are often the most durable and long lasting of toys; however, they are inconvenient to use because of the cord, and are never waterproof. 

Popular models of plug in sex toys include the universally loved Medisil Magic Touch Massager (Also known as Australia’s Hitachi Magic Wand).



Rechargeable Vibrators

Is there any difference in using rechargeable vibrators?  These vibrators are still battery powered, but they are powered by special electrochemical cells, which are electrically reversible.  These battery types can vary in power and may use various components for powering up, such as lithium ion and or nickel cadmium.

This technology is a hybrid between plugged in and battery powered; it lets you use the toy with or without a plug.  As a rule, these toys generally maintain the strength of a “new battery” toy 24-7.  They are durable and long lasting and they do eliminate the need to buy batteries on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, they are not 100% guaranteed to work and could give out at the worst moment possible, as battery-toys have been known to do.  Products that use rechargeable batteries tend to be on the cutting-edge of technology, and include toys like the LELO and We-Vibe Ranges.


Final Words

The choice is yours.  Don’t always assume power wins the contest.  Sometimes power takes second place to convenience, toy design and rhythms.  The truth is that all of these vibrators have advantages and they’re all worth trying once, or twice or however many times you please!