It’s no secret that everything “Fifty Shades of Grey” has taken the world by storm. With the recent announcements of Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam as the lead actors to star in the feature film, RF Blog headquarters thought we would re-visit the series and its popularity.

If you haven’t read them, you’ve probably heard of them! The trilogy, written by E L James provides a fresh and romantic exploration of the BDSM culture. The huge popularity of the series shows the growing acceptance of new kinds of sexuality, in particular the often “not so talked about” BDSM scene.

Fifty Shades of Grey?

In the series, Christian Grey introduces Ana Steele to a dominance and submission relationship. The novels explore the ins and outs of BDSM culture, but are about more than just whips and chains. They explore the connections and romance that new sexual exploration can create in a relationship. We all remember the excitement and interest of our first time, adding something new can rekindle that feeling.

What Have We Learnt

It’s one thing to be creative in the bedroom. It’s another to be thoughtful and aware of your partner’s desires. As you explore new sexual frontiers, it’s crucial to be aware of not only your own boundaries, but also those of your partner. Start slow and finish big; the tease and building of anticipation can multiply the height of your climax ten times over. Here are some ideas taken from the pages of this page-turner.

Dress It Up. Being sexy and feeling sexy require confidence. It also requires exposing yourself to your partner. Showing some skin in sexy lingerie is a great way to set the scene and get your blood pumping. Lace and sheer fabrics if that’s your style. Maybe you’re more of the stilettos and leather type. Whatever you choose to wear, slip into something more comfortable. Fellas, that goes for you too!

Tie It Up. Dominant and submissive role-playing is very much about power and control. Letting your partner control you via handcuffs, restraints and blindfolds is a great start. You’ll find yourself excited by the unknown. You’re relinquishing the sense of sight, but will find your other senses compensate for the inability to see. There are all kinds of bondage options, from tape to ropes, handcuffs and even furry restraints.

That’s A Paddlin’ (Cheeky Simpsons Reference). Whips, crops and paddles fill out this next section. You may not have liked being spanked as a child, but you might love it as an adult. Start slow on your buttocks, chest or thighs. You can use riding crops or sturdier paddles if you’re up for it. Eventually you’ll find all kinds of options to swing around.

Erotic Clamping. Now we are getting into juicier stuff. Nipple clamps are the next step up. You can choose tight ones for pulling or decorative clamps for looks. Regardless of how you use them, they’ll always put on a show and provide you with a unique erotic experience.

The popular Fifty Shades series has shed some well needed light on the BDSM scene. It looks set to catch its second wind in middle of 2014, with the release of the film. Can’t Wait!