Toy Underworld: Now Grown-ups Can Play

When you think of an adult toy, you're likely to imagine a dildo or vibrating phallus that's quite blunt in its presentation. However, the world of adult toys is even bigger than the obvious suspects. One of the most naughty endeavours comes in the form of toys that are meant to be discreet and unassuming. In fact, some vibrators are being developed to resemble ornate statues and fairly innocuous objects that you wouldn't regularly give a second glance. One of the most popular and inventive modes of secret play comes in the form of Vibrating Underwear.

Good Vibrations

Vibrators are a very common adult toy, and many vibrators are made of medical grade silicone, a water proof material that can actually be safely inserted into the body cavity and used with lubricants. Vibrating panties are different in the fact that they don't employ the insertion of anything. The idea is that they can be worn for instant and intense stimulation of erogenous zones on the outside of the body.

Vibrating underwear typically feature a small pocket where a bullet vibrator can be inserted. In some models, this vibrator must be activated via the device itself, but other more sophisticated versions can be controlled by a remote, enabling completely hands free pleasure that's discreet in the meantime. This makes remote vibrating panties perfect for naughty couple play too, but we’ll get to that a bit later. While it's common to think of vibrating undies as only a girl thing relegated to panties and bras, there are also briefs available for men.

The Thrill of Voyeur

One of the most enticing aspects of vibrating underwear involves the fact that they can be worn just about anywhere, and no one will know the wiser. Particularly high end garments like the pieces by Fetish Fantasy are very comfortable against the skin. You can easily wear them as your "regular" undergarments, and why wouldn't you want to? When you can control with a remote, you can experience ecstasy in public without causing any undue attention, as long as your response isn't too noticeable of course.

If you have a not-so-fun desk job, you may find yourself looking for ways to perk up a slow morning. While coffee is a great booster out of the gate, things can get rather dreary as the day skirts on at a snail’s pace. To keep your spirits in the clouds, a pair of vibrating underwear can give you the precise jolt you need. If you work in a cubicle, you're especially free to engage in a round of eroticism since you'll be in your own little sanctuary. Just a suggestion of course. Wink Wink.

Frisky Foreplay

While vibrating undies are great to use alone, they can be a wonderful addition to your intimate routine with a partner. To get in the mood for action, slip on a pair of your favourite panties and let them grind away at your resolve before your lover takes things to the max. Some pairs of vibrating underwear are actually crotch-less, as they were meant to be worn during the heat of the moment. The idea is for the vibrations to massage the clitoris during vaginal penetration, or even the perineum or scrotal area for a guy.

The result is a culmination of senses that all work in tandem to give you the best feeling possible. In effect, a pair of vibrating underwear can be the perfect complement to a night of ecstasy. If you're looking for a fun and erotic gift for your lover, investing in a nice pair is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom. They also make excellent gifts for brides and grooms to be, as well as for Valentine's treats that will last as long as you do.



Virtual Undergarments

What does the future hold? Most recently, a novel concept of vibrating underwear has been unveiled to the public. Durex has patented Fundawear, special underwear that house a network of sensors and fibres that create a vibrating function without any added vibe. The most technologically advanced aspect of these underwear comes in the way you activate them. They're controlled by a smart phone app that actually presents you with a virtual image of either partner's most sensitive areas.

With the swipe of a finger, one lover can activate the vibrations in the underwear, resulting in an undulation of passionate energy that can occur over a long distance. These underwear actually open the door to how couples can interact with each other when being together physically is impossible. Even if you're separated by land and sea, you'll be able to experience intimacy with your lover.

Whether you're tempted to make a new purchase for your toy collection, or this is a first time indulgence, consider investing in a pair of vibrating panties for a wholly new experience. Their versatility and practicality are what make them so inviting, and they're also easy to store from peering eyes.