You may know what a vibrator is, but if you haven’t flirted with sex toys in the last few years, then it’s time to become re-acquainted with the proverbial vibrator toy.  The truth is that many of the types of vibrators you might be thinking about are ridiculously out of date.  The adult industry has come a long way since those awkward, crayon-shaped toys that have one speed and one purpose—to fill the void. The new school of vibes includes many different shapes and designs, but in this post, we take a quick look at vibrators that are specifically designed for "G-Spot stimulation", which are increasing in popularity by the day.

Why Do Modern Vibrators Work So Well?

Today’s vibrators are ingeniously made and are designed from a sex therapist’s point of view.  There are two major spots for women during sex that require direct stimulation.  These two most famous zones of the erogenous zones diagram are the clitoris and the G-spot, or for the science buffs out there: the Grafenberg spot, which is located within the anterior of the vaginal canal.  A man or woman may be able to locate this patch of ribbed rough tissue (which feels like a raspberry) by finger insertion.

“G-spot vibrators” are designed to reach this spot, based (on average) on where most women say the area is located.  Bear in mind that many women are not aware of where the spot is or how to stimulate it properly.  Voila, enter the G-spot vibrator!  While there is no universal law that suggests every woman responds to G-spot stimulation (in fact, some sexologists and therapists argue its existence) women who do respond to this stimulation are enthusiastic believers.

Superior Quality Vibrators Combine Power and Innovative Design

Effective G-spot vibrators must be slightly angled so that they reach the G-spot without causing discomfort or requiring special positioning.  A relatively new trend in vibrators, that is very effective according to orgasming users, is to make the head of the phallus thicker, even beyond that of a normal size penis.  This not only simulates realistic entry, but also provides the sensation of a larger entry. The average vibrator is over 20 Centimetres long (in its entirety) and about 3.5 to 4 Centimetres thick. But they do come in all shapes and sizes to suit your needs.  There is a wide variety of vibrators available, and only each individual user can determine what really works. 

It is vital that newcomers to sex toys, particularly a woman who has never had an orgasm or who has very weak ones, experiment with a vibrator to see what type of stimulation causes the most intense reaction. When looking at a G-spot vibrator, notice the number of speeds the unit operates at, as well as any special rotating action, multispeed and multifunction capabilities.  The G-spot vibrator is the fastest and easiest way to have an orgasm, but don’t take our word for it, see for yourself if you please! It’s also a must-have educational adult toy, of great interest to single women and married couples alike.