Kegel exercisers and Ben Wa Balls are often marketed as “health products” for women.  How true is this statement though? How important are “Kegel exercises” to physical health?  You may be surprised to learn that better sex equals better overall health.

Kegel exercises were pioneered by Dr. Arnold Kegel, a gynaecologist who was looking for a way to treat “genital relaxation”.  However, the benefits of Kegel exercises are profound, and extend beyond sexual health. So much so, that many women swear by their use and effectiveness.

Physical Benefits of Kegel Exercises

A woman’s health is commonly affected by aging, pregnancy, childbirth, obesity and surgery.  All of this causes a weakened pelvic muscle.  This can sometimes lead to problems with urinary incontinence and pelvic prolapse.  Regularly performing Kegel exercises can help to strengthen the pelvic muscles.  Over time, this will give women more control over one’s bladder.  Stronger pelvic muscles can also prevent the sagging of pelvic organs, which is known as uterine prolapse. The most common form of Kegel exercise is the classic “flex”, which requires a person to squeeze the muscle manually, as if holding back urine.  Several flexes in short succession, repeated throughout the day can improve pelvic strength.  However, not every person can remember to do this - particularly active women, mothers, students, retirees and so on.  Flexing may also be a strain for some individuals.



Kegel Exercisers and Ben Wa Balls - Healthy and Fun

Ben Wa Balls are Kegel exercisers that can make the process easy and fun.  These small balls are designed of body safe materials and are inserted inside the woman’s vagina so she can easily squeeze them.  This will not only improve pelvic muscles, but will also make regular Kegel exercises all the more easier.  Women can use Ben Wa Balls in practically any position; from standing, to sitting to lying down. An added bonus is that Ben Wa Balls and other Kegel exercisers can improve your sexual performance and orgasmic capabilities.  The more in shape you are, the more you enjoy sex.

Choosing Between Ben Wa Balls and Kegel Exercisers

There are a variety of “Kegel balls” to choose from, as there are multiple colours and shapes, as well as balls with special features, like vibration.  Some Ben Wa Balls are actually discreet and silent vibrators.  This constant stimulation might even have you on slow simmer all day long, ready for action after dinner!  It all depends on personal preference and what you feel looks good and will do the best job for your situation.  You can choose between exercisers that are discreet and very low intensity level to more “extreme balls.” Sex is healthy enough as is, but who knew Kegel exercises are actually beneficial for your health?  Feel free to start squeezing…