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It’s been a long, exhausting day at work, and you’re finally done for the day! It’s time to let your hair down - you’ve earned it. March, which marks the Labour Day festivities in most territories, reminds us of this simple but often-overlooked right to relax. That’s why here at Randy Fox, we have some Labour Day pleasures, and by that we mean sex toys, that can help you to do that and more!

Labour Day and Our Right to Recreation

So anyway, what’s the deal with Labour Day and why do we celebrate it again? Just to jog your memory, its history stems as far back as the 1850’s where our ancestors fought for the rights of workers. Let me ask you, do you work from 9 to 5 and still get paid fairly? The Australian labour movement back in the day made sure we enjoy that privilege.

It was in April 21, 1856 that Victorian Stonemasons dropped their tools and staged an astounding protest that made the government realise the injustice that has been happening to the workforce. What the protesters wanted was simple - 8 hours of work, 8 hours of recreation (insert hanky panky here, hahaha!), and 8 hours rest - all without reduction in fair wages. This is why Labour Day is also known as “Eight Hour Day” in other territories. And yes, they were successful.

Okay, now we’re done with our history lesson, it’s time we appreciate the right we obtained! It’s up to you really how to spend that 8-hour recreation, but just in case you have something physical and sensual in mind, we have sex toys that will do the trick.

Sex Toys to Make Labour Day Memorable

A snappy salute to the brave Aussie men and women who fought for our labour rights! And now, if you wish to indulge in sexual pleasures during this day, then we’ve got you covered!

10 Function Vibrating Randy Cock Ring - Randy Fox10 Function Vibrating Randy Cock Ring

Usually when we talk about cock rings, their main function is simply to make erections last longer, harder, and men’s orgasms more mindblowing. That was until the 10 Function Vibrating Randy Cock Ring. It has all the goodness a normal cock ring offers, but this sex toy’s undeniable edge is that it has a removable bullet vibrator and nubbed clitoral stimulator. This makes it great for couples who want to get the same intensity in bed at the same time! It works hard for the both of you, not the other way around.

Vibrating Butterfly Beginner's Clitoral Pump - Randy FoxVibrating Butterfly Beginner's Clitoral Pump

A woman’s clitoris is one of the spots that deserve attention, and that’s what the Vibrating Butterfly Beginner's Clitoral Pump is created for. Whether you’re trying to display that you’re ready for your partner, or you simply want to feel the pleasure on your own, this sex toy is easily going to be one of your favorites! The vacuum certainly contributes to the leg-trembling orgasm. And the fact that it looks discreet is another plus, so feel free to carry it in your purse ladies!

Starter Bendy Double Dong - Randy FoxStarter Bendy Double Dong

You’ve probably heard about double penetration and thought it sounds painful. That’s not the case with the Starter Bendy Double Dong, and you’ll be surprised with how pleasurable it actually is when you use it. Double the action means double the fun, and you won’t have to worry about being unprepared for a backdoor entry because the other end is slimmer than the other. It is completely waterproof, so feel free to lube up! Have fun with it alone or with a partner.

30-Function Randy Rose Rabbit Vibrator - Randy Fox30-Function Randy Rose Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit vibrators have been women’s best friends due to its external and internal stimulation. The 30-Function Randy Rose Rabbit Vibrator, however, is pushing the envelope further. It is a rabbit vibrator to end all others with its 30 varying speeds of vibration and functions, making it a versatile sex toy to have. It is also elegantly curved in the right places and with the smooth texture, it’s going to give you a whole new level of sexual pleasure.

Randy Beginner Blow-Up Doll and Realistic Pocket Pussy Masturbator - Randy FoxRandy Beginner Blow-Up Doll and Realistic Pocket Pussy Masturbator

Are you hosting a fun night with your fellow guy pals? If that’s the case, don’t forget to bring the Randy Beginner Blow-Up Doll to the party! It has three holes you can play with, so feel free to play with it all at once if that’s what you guys fancy. For a more authentic feel, we recommend you also buy the Realistic Pocket Pussy Masturbator, which you can easily pair with the doll. Use it with your friends or hog it all for yourself - your call, we won’t judge. (wink!)

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