This year marks the tenth anniversary for LELO. Now for those that may not be familiar with LELO (who isn’t familiar with LELO?!), they revolutionised the world of personal massagers and adult pleasure objects. One of the largest companies worldwide in the industry today, LELO had humble beginnings in 2003 when they were founded in Stockholm by engineer Filip Sedic and industrial designers Carl Magnusson and Eric Kalen.



Us Randy Fox folk would like to extend a warm congratulations to one of our providers of quality products, and thought we would take this chance to praise LELO on their success, and provide a little bit of background information (and neat facts) on how an excellent idea in 2003 has grown to become one of the largest providers of quality pleasure products for both women and men alike.



What was the inspiration for the concept behind LELO...finding a gift for the 40th birthday of a woman who "had it all". And so it began, with the first sketches and designs being drawn out and assembled in the humble setting of Sedic’s living room. These “Pleasure Objects” were to dawn a new era of adult products that steered clear of traditional design and allowed for grace to meet pleasure.



It was in 2005 at a Las Vegas based trade show when "the Swedes and their new sex toys" really started to gather interest and gain momentum. Fast forwarding to some 10 years later, LELO's quality has seen them grow to the global brand they are today, with over 6 million (that's right, million!) LELO branded products sold as of 2013. Their unique portfolio now extends through to personal massagers, bedroom accessories, massage oils, massage candles and a premium line of silk intimate apparel. 



At Randy Fox, we wanted to take this chance to thank LELO and Sugar & Sas (our LELO Partner) for their continued support of us and their commitment to quality. This commitment is what allows us to keep our community satisfied and we are proud to help distribute such products to our ever growing RF family. Keep up the great stuff guys! :)