In this week's post on the RF Blog, we thought we would give you a quick bit of news letting our website users and community know that the Randy Fox website is now fully optimised for use on mobile phones and similar devices. :)

We've just launched a fully fledged mobile compatible website, making us one of the few adult stores in Australia to do so thus far. What it all means: If you visit us on a mobile phone or tablet PC, you get served a super quick, easy to navigate, feature rich experience that is catered for ease of use and an excellent experience every time.

Our little team of web staff have been hard at work over the past few months coding and designing away in their labs, and we are super happy and excited to present to you the result.

Have a browse of Randy Fox on your mobile phone or tablet PC and feel free to let us know what you think! Once again, we would like to thank our community and users; you make doing what we love extra special and allow us to spread the message of great sexual health and wellness information coast to coast.