Everyone knows how helpful the dropping temperatures of winter can be to getting a little closer to that special someone. Nothing beats cuddling together under the covers while the cold winds of winter whisper through the eaves outside. Of course, while cuddling may be perfect for strengthening your love and filling your heart, it may not necessarily lead to anything...hotter. Especially if it’s so cold in your house that taking off your clothes feels like a special sort of torture. If you need a little help getting from the snuggle stage to the fireworks, here are some tips to help spice up your love life in the winter.


                                   A Warming Treat

Warming lotions and treats can be a great way to overcome those “give me back the covers” blues. Engineered to heat up with friction (or even a soft puff of breath), these lotions can help both you and your partner get into that hot groove that the winter so often prevents. But while lotions made specifically for the bedroom may be the quickest route to a hot, steamy night, you can get creative in your kitchen for an approximation. Hold a swallow of hot chocolate in your mouth for a moment, gulp it back, and kiss his/her body with your warm tongue. Want a tingle? Try hot peppermint tea, instead. Just be careful; you don’t want to spill your drink on the sheets...or anywhere else!


 A Crackling Good Time

Ask anyone about the most romantic settings they can imagine, and you’re almost certainly going to hear “sitting by a fire” among their answers. A warm fire can not only keep you warm during the winter, it can lead to a night of passion simply impossible to reproduce in the summer. Take advantage of the howling winds to set a mood that will connect you and your partner on a deep level. Don’t have a fireplace? Make do with a radiator or a space heater and some blankets on the floor. It may not feel quite the same to begin with, but romance is what you make of it. Many women, particularly, will find a man’s attempts at setting a mood with limited tools to be an even stronger aphrodisiac than if he got everything perfect. 


A Wet Night

When nothing else can warm you, a hot shower can feel like mists sent straight from heaven. Why keep that sensation to yourself? After a few minutes under the warm water, you’ll forget that the thermometer outside is dropping like a stone. Invite your partner to share the feeling with you. Take the time to carefully wash each other and you’ll be amazed at how quickly the atmosphere can change. Plus, one of the best things about lovemaking in the shower is that you don’t have to clean up afterwards! 



A Buffet in the Bedroom

If you’ve never used food in your lovemaking, you might consider giving it a try this winter.

 While most people conjure the famous scene from 9 1/2 Weeks when they think about food in the bedroom, you don’t have to eat strawberries off each other’s bodies to turn up the heat. One interesting idea is to set up a small taste test. Blindfold your partner and gently feed them a bite of several winter treats. Apple crumble, sweet potato pie, and fruit lend themselves well to a sensual evening. Have him/her guess what they just ate. Wrong answers might mean a punishment, if you know what we mean.


Creative Thinking

 You can use all of these ideas or none of them when it comes to spicing up your love life in the winter. It's entirely up to you of course, but as long as both you and your partner are willing to try, that’s really all that matters. Get creative and be open with each other. Share your fantasies and don’t be afraid to experiment. Before you know it, winter will be gone and the temperatures will start creeping up once again. You may just find yourself impatiently waiting for June to come around next year. Enjoy!