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PipeDream Finger In The Ace Kit
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    Tantus Ripple Small
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    • Silver
    • Malachite
    Tantus Ripple Large
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    • Silver
    • Malachite
    NS Novelties Colours Trainer Kit
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      Tantus Curve
      Regular price$120.00
      • Sapphire
      • Malachite
      Tantus Acute
      Regular price$79.00
      • Night Sky
      • Emerald
      Pipedream Icicles No. 72 Glass Dildo
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        Oxballs ERGO Silicone Butt Plug X-Large
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          Nexus Excel Prostate Probe
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          • Purple
          • Black
          PipeDream Icicles No. 29 Glass Dildo
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            PipeDream Icicles No. 28 Anal Dildo
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              PipeDream Icicles No. 24 Glass Dildo
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                Fun Factory Amor O-Ring Strap-On Dildo
                Regular price$56.14$53.08
                • Black
                • Candy Rose
                • Vitamine

                Anal dildos are used for anal penetration during sexual activity. The anus has many nerve endings that cause incredible sensations during anal play. The act of engaging in anal sex brings an exciting, taboo feel that is an incredible, sexual turn-on for a lot of partners. Both same-sex and heterosexual partners enjoy anal sex, and there are many anal dildos that will fit into a couple's lifestyle.

                Anal dildos can be used for beginners or more advanced anal lovers. Couples that are starting out with anal sex will want to start out with a small, starter dildo to stretch out the anus. These beginner dildos can start out slimmer than the size of a finger. The beginner might want to wear the dildo for extended periods of time to get used to it.

                Whether the next step is their partner's penis or a strap-on, beginners will want to start off slowly and carefully because the anal cavity can stretch or tear. Anal sex can be extremely painful for some people, but with the use of small dildos, it can become very pleasurable for both partners. The trick to anal sex is slow, steady progress with a lot of lubrication since the anus does not produce its own.

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