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Satisfyer Cutie Heart
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Zumio I Teal Wave Clitoral Stimulator
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    Doc Johnson Pink Pussy Clitoral Pump
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      Womanizer Premium Eco Rose
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        NS Novelties Inya Symphony
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          Satisfyer Lucky Libra
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            Womanizer Starlet 3
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              Calexotics Eden Flicker
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                Rocks Off Niya N6 - Sucker
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                  Randy Fox - The Randy Dual Oral Teaser
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                    Certain parts of the body produce contact sensations which are completely unique and irreplaceable. The mouth is one such body part. For a woman, no feeling is quite like the feeling of an expert and inspired oral performer and talented tongue on her most sensitive organs. The two main functions of the mouth during sex are suction and gentle stroking. Whilst a willing mouth is not always available, women have the option of using newly innovated female sex toys which mimic the natural feel of a partner’s mouth.

                    Clitoral and labial suction devices work in a similar way to a male penis pump. An enclosure gently secures the pubic mound under a chamber and creates a vacuum. In this vacuum, blood is cajoled into the outermost regions of a woman’s pubic area, thereby increasing sensitivity and creating a more voluptuous and supple cradle for sexual activity. Licking devices follow periods of suction with controlled and steady palpations to further the woman’s arousal before penetration.

                    A great percentage of women can only achieve orgasm through a combination of penetration and extensive, expert external massage and touch. Sex toys which increase blood flow and heightened nerve sensitivity in a woman’s pubic region help ensure she will achieve orgasm according to her biological potential.

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