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Coco De Mer Leather Lead
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    California Exotic Scandal Leash
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      Bijoux Indiscrets Wide Choker With Leash
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      Bijoux Indiscrets I Harness Collar
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      Bijoux Indiscrets H Harness Collar
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      Bondage collars and leashes have many uses from the practical to the symbolic. Collars are attached around one partner's neck with the collar often having a ring from which a leash can then be attached. The collar and leash can be used for role-playing and sexual adventures, with the individual wearing the collar being lead around by the leash. The collared partner can be pulled, tugged or controlled in various ways. Perfect for those looking to add a bit of fetish to their fantasies.

      Lovers that are trying to add some spice and domination to their sexual role-play can use collars and leashes to their advantage. The collared one will take the role of pet while the other will take the role of dominant. Collars can be worn by both men and women depending on who is in charge during that role-play adventure. If the collared and leashed pet doesn't behave, punishment may just need to be given!

      The collar and leash can be used for dominant and submissive relationships. The collar is the symbol of control that the dominant has over his or her submissive. The person wearing the collar is thought to be the more submissive or the one allowing the other partner at least some control over their movements.

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