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The Randy Fox Mystery Box - Women's Edition
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    Fun Factory Tiger G5 Click 'n Charge G-Spot Vibrator
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    Fun Factory Patchy Paul G5 G-Spot Vibrator
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    LELO Tiani 3 Couple's Vibrator
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    LELO Soraya Wave Come Hither Rabbit Vibrator
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    Rocks Off Rock-Chick Diva
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      LELO Mona 2 G-Spot Vibrator
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      Jopen Amour Silicone Mini G Vibrator
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        Fun Factory Tiger Black Line G-Spot Vibrator
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          Nexus Thrust Probe Edition
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            Snail Vibe Curve Vibrator
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            Rocks Off Ruby Glow Blush
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              Svakom Ava Neo
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                Satisfyer G-Spot Flex 2
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                  Satisfyer G-Spot Flex 1
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                    Jimmyjane Intro 6 G-Spot Vibrator
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                      Calexotics Impress G
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                        Calexotics Sparkle Mini G-Vibe
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                              The G-Spot, or Grafenberg Spot, is known to almost every woman in the world, even though it was actually an area of the body considered to be a myth. However, this very sensitive nerve ending is usually found on the inside wall of the vagina up about three inches or so. Women around the world swear that stimulation of this area can lead to intense sexual arousal and orgasm, which is why g-spot vibrators are so great.

                              It is thought that there are two types of female orgasm, the vaginal and the clitoral, and most women have difficulty reaching orgasm by g-spot stimulation alone simply because they can’t find the spot. A g-spot vibrator can help you locate this spot, stimulate it with intense vibrations and give you the deeper and more intense vaginal orgasms you have always wanted. Once you get well versed with your vibe, you can use this knowledge to improve your sexual performance and pleasure with your partner.

                              There are many different types of g-spot vibrators on the market, and since every woman’s g-spot is unique in size, shape and location, it is important that you try a variety of vibe types if you’re having trouble. Most will typically feature a curved and somewhat pointed tip that should hit you just right, but if you’re new to g-spot orgasms, you may want to add in a clit stimulator as well. Remember to try new angles and depths of penetration with a g-spot vibe, as your spot may be in a slightly different place. Essentially, not only can you use this as a great tool to have mind blowing orgasms, but you can also improve your ability to orgasm quickly and regularly. With practice and the right type of vibe, you might also be able to enjoy simultaneous clitoral and g-spot orgasms – something most women can only dream of!

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