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Pjur Backdoor Glide 100ml Anal Lubricant
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    Eros Mega Power Anal 250 mL
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      Eros Mega Power Anal 125 mL
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        Pjur Backdoor Glide 250ml Anal Lubricant
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          Bathmate Anal Lube
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            Eros Fisting Gel Ultrax 500 mL
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              Eros Fisting Gel Slidex 500 mL
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                Eros Aqua Power Anal 250 mL
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                  Eros Aqua Power Anal 125 mL
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                    Anal lubrication holds many important benefits. If you or your lover is new to anal sex, penetration may seem like a scary prospect. Anal lubricant will ease the anxiety of virgin lovers while also increasing the pleasure potential for both partners. In addition to the friction reducing abilities of a slick lubricant, some formulas are also imbued with numbing ingredients that will nearly void any immediate pain from entry. For a less invasive approach, natural extracts can also relax the opening of the anus for more satisfying penetration.

                    In addition to being prime for use in sex between partners, anal lubricant is also great for solo play with toys. Just make sure the lubricant you use is compatible with the toy's material to avoid damaging it.

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