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B-Vibe Anal Dilators Set
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    NS Novelties Crystal Flower
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    • Black
    • Pink
    • Purple
    NS Novelties Crystal Heart
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    • Black
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    • Purple
    NS Novelties Crystal Gem
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    • Black
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    Satisfyer Sparkling Crystal
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      Satisfyer Dazzling Crystal 1
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      • Transparent
      • Black
      Satisfyer Double Crystal
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      • Transparent
      • Light Blue
      Pipedream Icicles No. 82
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        Pipedream Icicles No. 79
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          Pipedream Icicles No. 78
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            Pipedream Icicles No. 69
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              Pipedream Icicles No. 74 Glass Dildo
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                Pipedream Icicles No. 72 Glass Dildo
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                  PipeDream Icicles No. 67 Glass Dildo
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                    Laid D.2 Black Granite Double Ended Dildo
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                      PipeDream Icicles No. 53 Glass Dildo
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                        PipeDream Icicles No. 48 Glass Dildo
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                          PipeDream Icicles No. 43 Glass Dildo
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                            PipeDream Icicles No. 29 Glass Dildo
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                              PipeDream Icicles No. 28 Anal Dildo
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                                PipeDream Icicles No. 26 Glass Dildo
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                                  PipeDream Icicles No. 5 Glass Dildo
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                                    PipeDream Icicles No.2 Glass Anal Beads
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                                      PipeDream Icicles No. 24 Glass Dildo
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                                        PipeDream Icicles No. 8 Glass Dildo
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                                          PipeDream Icicles No. 7 Glass Dildo
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                                            PipeDream Icicles No. 25 Glass Dildo
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                                              When it comes to phallic toys, many manufacturers seek to create figures that are realistic in shape and detail. Common materials include rubber and silicone, in an attempt to replicate the soft feel of flesh. Some companies even go as far as adhering hair to their pieces, and while such novelties can be entertaining, there's nothing quite as lovely as the elegance and artistic splendour of glass toys.

                                              Glass dildos are unique because they're transparent and lend themselves well to a variety of creative designs and colour schemes. They provide a modern edge that you just won't get with any other material. The firm, hardness of glass dildos can never be compromised, so you truly have a toy that will be as ready and able for as long as you are. At Randy Fox, you have a great bevy of beautiful pieces to choose from.

                                              One of the perks of glass dildos is that you can use any type of lubricant with them. From silicone to water and oil based products, anything is safe to use with glass. Since glass is non-porous, bacteria will also be far less prone to growing. However, as with all toys, it's important to clean thoroughly after use with a toy cleaner or soap and warm water.

                                              Glass dildos are also very safe for internal use, so don't let the material scare you. The glass that composes adult toys is made of Pyrex, which is shatter and heat resistant. You couldn't have a more durable toy and the varied shapes and textures present on many glass dildos are excellent for massaging your most intimate pleasure centres. When you're not playing, the aesthetic beauty of glass dildos will surely keep you amused.

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