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B-Vibe Classic Enema Anal Douche
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    Nexus Anal Douche Set
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      California Exotic Ultra Anal Douche
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        Seven Creations Uni Sex Anal Douche
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          Perfect Fit Ergoflo Director Anal Douche
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            California Exotic Colt Gear Anal Douche
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              Cal Exotics - One Way Valve Anal Douche
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                Bathmate Hydro Rocket Douche
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                  Randy Fox features many varieties of anal douches and enemas that will suit all hygienic needs. From small hand pump devices to systems that attach to your faucet, you'll be sure to find the perfect tool to match your preferences. Anal douching is best done before eating, and it's important to resist over-douching because you can interfere with your rectum's natural mucous lining. While douching is most commonly done before relations with a partner, it can also be implemented before using adult toys.

                  Anal sex can be a very exciting prospect for beginners, but apprehension is also very normal. Anal douching will clean you out in preparation for play, so that you feel more comfortable with your partner. However, when using anal douches, particularly ones with long nozzles, there are safety precautions you should take.

                  It's important that you use only a minimum amount of water to flush out your rectum at at a time. Over-flooding can actually cause water to seep into the colon, which will only counteract the cleaning process. You also don't want to stick the entire nozzle up the anus, as this will also direct the water to the colon. Instead, only insert the very tip of the nozzle to ensure a much faster and efficient process.

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