Discreet Vibrators

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Dame Pom Flexible Soft Touch Vibrator
Regular price$164.95$118.95
  • Plum
  • Jade
  • Ice
TENGA Iroha - Yuki Clitoral Vibrator
Regular price$189.95$149.50
    Satisfyer Little Wand Vibrator
    Regular price$72.95$37.95
      NU Sensuelle Point V2 - 20 Function Bullet Vibrator
      Regular price$69.95$64.95
      • Blue
      • Silver
      • Purple
      • Pink
      • Black
      LELO Mia 2 Clitoral Vibrator
      Regular price$109.00$99.95
      • Black
      • Deep Rose
      • Pink
      Lelo Lily 2 Discreet Vibrator
      Regular price$189.95$158.50
      • Plum
      • Lavender
      • Pink
      Svakom Robin
      Regular price$129.95
        Le Wand Chrome Vibrating Necklace
        Regular price$179.95
        • Rose Gold
        • Black
        • Silver
        • Gold
        NS Novelties Desire Pure
        Regular price$44.95
        • Earth
        • Dusty Lavender
        Svakom Tulip
        Regular price$59.95
        • Black
        • Violet
        TENGA Iroha+ Yoru Discreet Clitoral Vibrator
        Regular price$219.95$179.95
          TENGA Iroha+ Tori Clitoral Discreet Vibrator
          Regular price$219.95$179.95
            TENGA Iroha - Sakura Clitoral Vibrator
            Regular price$189.95$149.50
              TENGA Iroha Rin Kogane Soft Tip Vibrator
              Regular price$89.95$68.50
                TENGA Iroha Rin Akane Soft Tip Vibrator
                Regular price$89.95$68.50
                  TENGA Iroha - Midori Clitoral Vibrator
                  Regular price$155.95$149.50
                    Svakom Nymph Soft Moving Finger Vibrator
                    Regular price$149.95$133.95
                      Svakom Elva Remote Controlled Vibrator
                      Regular price$109.95$103.79
                      • Violet
                      • Plum Red
                      Satisfyer Ultra Power Bullet 8 Vibrator
                      Regular price$72.95$66.00
                      • Turquoise
                      • Lilac
                      Satisfyer Ultra Power Bullet 6 Vibrator
                      Regular price$55.95$50.00
                      • Violet
                      • Turquoise
                      Satisfyer Dark Desire Lay-On Vibrator
                      Regular price$55.95$50.00
                        ROMP Wave Lay-On Massaging Vibrator
                        Regular price$58.95$46.95
                          ROMP Beat Bullet Vibrator
                          Regular price$45.00$39.95

                            Vibrators are devices designed to tease and stimulate the skin as they massage a selected area of the body. This helps to relax the muscles and provide a sensual experience for those using the toy. Discreet vibrators are most often less noisy and can be used in more ways than a standard 7 inch vibrator. Many discreet vibrators provide the same intense pulsating motions that are available in traditional vibes, providing the full vibration experience to the user. The biggest benefit of a discreet vibrator is that many of them don't look like adult toys, making them excellent for travel and storage.

                            Most discreet vibrators are designed for women to use while they are on the go. Many women find that the discreet designs still allow them to stimulate themselves in the exact area they want and provide an intense experience. There are a wide variety of models available in different shapes, textures, speeds or colours. Some discreet vibrators feature a rechargeable power source so you don't have to worry about frequent battery changes.

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