Body Stockings

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Body stockings for women are usually designed as one-size-fits-most separates. A whole body, one piece article allows for an incredible diversity of designs. Body stocking can be opaque and appropriate for public gatherings. They may also be made of materials like rubber, PVC, and spandex. By far, the most popular type of women’s body stockings are sheer with floral, or fishnet accents.

There are also body stockings that are built for men. These are most often hybridised versions of the classic wrestling singlet. Male-oriented designs are often made from exotic materials like mesh, rubber and anything see-through.

Unisex body stockings are identified by features that include inventive necklines and arm openings, specific body part enhancers and dark, neutral colours. Masculine or feminine, body stockings are universal and can be successfully combined with an immense amount of other costume, clubwear and lingerie items.

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