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Nexus Fortis Rechargeable Aluminium Vibrator
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    ElectraStim Wave Electro Metal Dildo
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      Sleek and shiny like a space-age rocket; metal dildos are the modern version of an old fave sex toy. These rigid and delightfully contoured sex toys are able to provide new sensations to your body like never before. You can put them in the refrigerator to create an icy cold sensation or let them warm up to your body temperature for a fun twist on your play time. Used both for couple’s time and solitary sensual sessions, metal dildos are the perfect way to get your rocks off no matter where you are. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, these affordable and sexy toys can add a whole new dimension to your fun.

      Metal dildos offer a rigid surface that, with just the right lubricant, will glide like silk over your most tender areas. Perfect for g-spot, clitoral and perineum manipulation, these silver coloured toys are hygienic to use and easy to clean. Heavy in the hand yet light as a feather on the body, you can use almost any type of lubricant without causing harm. Simple enough for beginners yet tantalising enough for a pro, you will find high quality metal dildos that can match any of your sexual needs.

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