Hand, Fist & Foot Dildos

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Typically, dildos are crafted to be phallic. The curved slope that's typical of both realistic dildos and abstract pieces, is a naturally comfortable shape that proves to be very effective. However, there's nothing wrong with embracing more unconventional shapes, and Randy Fox hosts a set of dildos that is quite literally hands and feet above the rest.

These pieces are designed with strikingly precise detail and proportion. The materials consist of a firm rubber that feels like real skin to the touch. The hue is also reminiscent of flesh tones, resulting in an appearance and feel that is only rivalled by the caress of real fingers.

A lot of people look forward to the sensual touch of their lovers hands and fingers, which is why toys like these are such a valuable commodity. The act of fisting and deep penetration isn't something suitable for beginners, but large toy veterans with a devious side will enjoy these pieces to their full potential. Lubrication can also be applied to lessen the friction. When you already have a collection of traditional dildos, toys shaped like more varied appendages will offer a more refreshing sight and feel.

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