Welcome to Randy Fox. Our online adult shop is proud to be Australia's best rated (by independent sources) and best priced retailer of sex toys to spice up your sex life. We provide a 15 minute price matching guarantee in case you find a better price on any adult toy we sell; we're that confident you won't! We also cover all of our Randy Fox branded products with a full, 1 year guarantee, plus a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. We ship and bill discreetly and at Randy Fox, we put you first at all times.

Where It All Began

Setting The Scene...

It was a chilly July day all those years ago. The three of us were out to dinner, Tom and I laughing at Pete's insistence on still using a straw with his drink. We were each wearing jacket coats with jeans, somewhat matching. It was the style at the time (pop culture reference, Randy Points awarded to those that can). No, we weren't in a boy band. We were celebrating our store finally going online. That site was

Our mission; to bring trust, affordability, fun and an overall incredible experience to the retail of sex toys. Our friends and family were confused when we told them we were going to start an online adult toy store, but that didn't bother us.

Often times people say, think of the greatest challenge you can think of and aim at it with integrity, determination and hard work. Do that and see where you land. After having shopped in store and online, we were struggling to find an adult shop to connect with. Up until that point, there was no one in our industry who had a complete focus on providing the best possible experience to customers in what is an industry that had suffered a lot of negative association over the years. We should help people have a positive experience when buying sex toys.

Sexual health is one of the pillars of living a happy and fulfilling life, but it's often not spoken of. Why is no one out there doing it justice? Shoppers need to feel comfortable. To be able to trust and feel amazing about their purchase. To know that these products can positively enhance one's life in ways not previously thought possible. Sex toys should be available to everyone, in a fun and safe environment. The customer service experience needs to make people feel welcomed and free.

Over 15 Years Later, We Want To Say Thank You...

A sudden buzz on Tom's phone. Was it an order?! Our first order?! It was. It was an Ultra 7 Rabbitronic, a product which will always hold a special place in our hearts. And so it began, all those years ago. Fast forward, over fifteen years later. The equivalent population of a small European country, let's say Iceland to pay homage to that chilly July day, has put their faith in us to provide sexual happiness items, and we are grateful for it.

A few hundred thousand toys later. We never forget where we came from and our core values; the passion which still drives us to this day to give you, our customer the best possible experience with us. Our commitment to our customers. Randy Fox, we continue to strive for better as we continue on after being named the best rated and reviewed adult toy store by independent third parties on the web. Best Prices, Best Rated.

Every day, we touch more lives and help our shoppers enhance their lives and sexual health and happiness. We feel lucky to be able to do so. Thank you for making it all possible, we wouldn't have been able to do it without our customers who have allowed us to pursue our dreams, and with a smile, every single day.

Signing off,

Chris, the third musketeer. You'll still find me as one of our customer service staff to this day; answering your emails, phone calls and quirky questions with a smile on my dial.

Early Days...

Before QR Codes Were Cool To Use...

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