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The greatest contributor to the male orgasm is not visual stimulation, or expectancy. It isn’t even added elements of raunch and taboo. The catalyst for an explosive male orgasm is friction. Friction between nerves located in the genitals and pelvic region with other objects triggers ecstatic sensations and the uncontrolled desire to ejaculate. Certain sex prolonging creams, sprays and supplements can help men enjoy the stimulation without the fear of premature release.

Some men are ultra sensitive when it comes to the orgasmic impulse. Sex prolonging products do not diminish a man’s ability to function. They only dull the sensations experienced through touch, thereby stretching out the amount of person-to-person contact that can be tolerated before the body decides to react. Pleasure remains whilst the cream and supplements gradually recondition the body to withhold reproductive responses during stimulation.

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