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Mojo Zero Gravity Penis Pump
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Bathmate Hercules Hydro7 Penis Pump
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PipeDream PUMP WORX - Euro Penis Pump
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    Mojo G-Force Penis Pump
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    Bathmate Hydromax3 Micropenis Pump
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    Bathmate Hydro Vibe Attachment
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      NS Novelties Renegade Bulge
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        Pipedream Potent Developer
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          Pipedream Pump Worx Max Boost
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          The penis is a fairly simple appendage and is controlled by nervous response and blood flow. The greater portion of the penis is made of spongy chambers that have the capacity to fill with blood, expand and become rigid. The greater these chambers expand, the more robust the erection.

          The most effective way of inducing the expansion potential of any penis is through the use of a vacuum chamber. In the past, penis pumps and enlargers were clunky, hard to operate and sometimes dangerous. Modern models are built with the male anatomy in mind. They are easy to operate and guarantee that a man will be at his utmost when it is time to perform.

          There are thousands of types of penis pumps and enlargers on the market. Some are as simple as a plastic chamber attached to surgical tubing and a hand-held pump. Others are complex, medical-grade devises which are controlled electronically and have display panels which monitor chamber pressure, time and percentage of penis growth. Pumps and enlargers can be single part units, or complex, customised therapeutic tools.

          It is sometimes difficult for a man to imagine that he can grow beyond what he is accustomed to. Especially as men age, or encounter physical and psychological problems, they are unaware of how much virility and size can be lost.

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