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Seven Creations Nipple Chain Bondage Clamp
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    Oxballs Bubbles Max Nipsuckers
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      Randy Fox - Spinning Randy Nipple Stimulators
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        Breast and nipple toys focus exclusively on one of the most sensitive parts of a woman's body. Playing with a woman's nipples and breasts create intense sensations that increase arousal. Adult toys focusing specifically on the breasts and nipples can be adjusted from a gentle sucking or light twinge of sensation to a more intense, painful clamping. From nipple pumps to clamps, a woman has a variety of options to excite and arouse.

        Breast and nipple toys are intended for a woman who likes the erotic sensations created in that sensitive, erogenous area. This could include a woman absorbed with solo play time leaving her hands to focus on other areas of her body. Even with a partner, nipple and breast toys let them centre on other areas of sexual arousal.

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