Prostate Stimulators

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Rocks Off Naughty Boy 7 Speed Anal Vibrator
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Nexus Simul8 Stroker Edition
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    Nexus Thrust Probe Edition
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      Rocks Off Men-X Index
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        Nexus Neo Prostate Massager
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          Nexus Bendz Prostate Edition
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            Bathmate Prostate Pro
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              Rocks Off RO-ZEN Prostate Stimulator
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                Rocks Off O-Boy Prostate Stimulator
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                The prostate is the new frontier in sexual stimulation for men and couples engaged in mutual benefit play. The prostate is a gland capable of producing the most intense and powerful orgasms a man can experience. This gland can be manually stimulated with a willing partner, or reached with an innovative sex toy especially designed to find a man’s “hot spot.”

                Prostate stimulators can be shaped like a traditional phallus, or more ergonomically designed. The most effective prostate stimulators are constructed from silicone and rubber materials to make insertion easy. These highly specialised massagers are curved in such a way that, once inserted into the anus, they quickly bend and conform to seek out a man’s prostate gland.

                The prostate is a collection of tissues and nerves which control the more intense sexual functions of a man’s physiology. Prostate stimulators provide a constant pressure and manual or vibrational stimulus which triggers the male orgasmic function. Direct stimulation of the prostate gland or P-Spot, can produce orgasms and ejaculatory responses in men without the help of external stimulus and traditional means of masturbation. The best prostate stimulators can be worn for extended periods and direct a surge of internal sensations without the necessity of a partner.

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