Ben Wa Balls & Kegel Exercisers

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We-Vibe Bloom Vibrating Kegel Balls
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    LELO Beads Plus Kegel Pleasure Set
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      Svakom Nova
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      Rocks Off Niya N1 - Kegel
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        Intimina Laselle Set
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          Pillow Talk Frisky Duo Kegel Balls
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            OhMiBod Lovelife Krush Smart Kegel Exerciser
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              Nalone Yany Ben Wa Balls
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                Nalone Miu Miu Kegel Exerciser Vibrator
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                  LELO LUNA Ben Wa Balls
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                    LELO Luna Smart Bead Ben Wa Balls
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                    LELO Luna Beads Noir Ben Wa Balls
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                      LELO LUNA Beads Mini Ben Wa Balls
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                        LELO Hula Beads Ben Wa Balls
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                        Je Joue Ami Kegel Exerciser Kit
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                        Fun Factory Smartballs DUO Ben Wa Balls
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                        Fun Factory Smartball UNO Kegel Exerciser
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                        Fantasy For Her - Kegel Train-Her Set
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                          Cal Exotics Weighted Kegel Balls
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                          Ben Wa Balls and Kegel Exercisers are sensual masturbation devices as well as a very useful tool for improving pelvic muscle floor strength. As people age or experience physical trauma, the pelvic floor muscles can begin to slacken, leading to less sensation during intercourse for both partners, as well as difficulty reaching climax. Ben Wa Balls, proven to help this problem, are balls are made of body safe materials, and come in many different sizes and weights. They are inserted into the vagina or anus and the sphincter or vaginal muscles are used to hold them in place.

                          Most balls will feature a string for easy removal. These balls have actually been used around the world for centuries as a sure fire way to improve sensual experiences in the bedroom. Today’s versions feature medical grade materials and convenient handles to make them easy enough for beginners to use. You can use a single ball or use a pair and the sensations and weight while worn will create tantalising sensations inside your body.

                          Whether you want to spice up your lovemaking or need to improve your pelvic floor muscles, there are many benefits to Ben Wa Balls. Women can reduce the chances of urinary incontinence caused by slackened pelvic muscles, and can also dramatically improve their ability to orgasm. The pelvic floor muscles are in charge of triggering the uterine contractions of orgasm, so the more pelvic floor muscles you have, the better your chances of happiness in all things sexual. Ben Wa Balls can be worn for almost any length of time, are completely sterile and safe if used correctly and is an inexpensive way to improve your physical and sexual health.

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