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Liberator Wedge Sex Furniture
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The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine
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    Liberator Ramp Sex Furniture
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    Nexus Ride Extreme
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      Sportsheets Pivot Positioner
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        Liberator Black Label Wedge Sex Furniture
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          Liberator Black Label Ramp Sex Furniture
          Regular price$603.00$364.50

            Sex furniture is a relatively new concept combining relaxation and ergonomic luxury. There are pieces of furniture designed for sitting at a table, resting poolside and watching the game. Now, there are pieces of furniture that make partners more comfortable during sex. Beds are flat, so they are limited when it comes to exploring positions.

            With sex furniture, you can discover angles that you thought weren’t possible. All inventive positions are possible and comfortable! Adventurous couples can use simple, plush geometrically inspired sex furniture to make discovering each other’s sweet spots easier and more relaxing. Sex furniture requires no bondage-style straps, swings, nor harnesses. They are soft, perfectly angled to fit the body and always configure partners in the most effective positions to enjoy any sexual activity.

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