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Seven Creations Jelly Vibe Dildo Vibrator
Regular price$12.95
  • Black
  • Flesh
  • Light Pink
  • Pink
  • Glow In The Dark
PipeDream King Cock Huge Dildo - 9 inch Cock
Regular price$55.00$49.95
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Flesh
Tantus Inc Tantus Silk O-Ring Strap-On Dildo Large
Regular price$61.00$54.77
  • Black
  • Purple Haze
Pipedream King Cock - Chubby 9 Inch Super Thick Realistic Dildo
Regular price$100.00$90.86
  • Tan
  • Flesh
  • Black

Dildos are a classic adult toy, amongst the most famous. Each of these toys are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours, and textures. The most popular dildos feature a realistic texture and size, some of which have even been modelled after real porn stars who know how to please. Large and huge dildos are also available to provide extra stimulation. Unique shapes are designed for double penetration or anal play. Vibrations or pulsating motions add to the excitement as you play. Materials are all body-safe and come in a range from hard plastic to soft jelly. Simple to use, dildos are the perfect toy for beginners and experts alike!

Dildos and dongs are designed to be inserted into the vagina or anus. Both men and women can enjoy dildos and different sizes are available to accommodate personal preferences. Because they are simple to use, they are perfect for solo play or can be introduced into the bedroom for couples play. Dildos are designed to tease, tantalise, and pleasure as they are inserted gently or roughly. Double-ended dildos and strap-ons help to complete any fantasy and are perfect for pleasing your partner.

Some people get confused as to the differences between dildos and vibrators, when in fact; they are essentially the same thing. These products are fake penises used for masturbation and intercourse. Dildos and dongs do not have built in vibration mechanisms, and are usually more rigid and have much more attention to detail along the shaft. Dildos and dongs can be used alone or can be added to belts for strap-ons, and are considered to be fetish objects as well as sex aids. Most of the larger sized faux penis toys are dildos, simply because it is easier to make these products bigger because they don’t have so many moving parts. You can find dongs and dildos that are double headed, strap ons or those with a suction cup base.

There are many benefits to using dildos and dongs, especially when you factor in cost. Since there are fewer parts and bells and whistles, most dongs are very affordable. In addition, if you really like the look and feel of the real thing, dildos usually have much more realistic detail than vibrators. You can also enjoy them as part of couple’s play, since they lend themselves so well to fetish and fantasy fun. You can even find great ones as shocking gift ideas, since there are many unusually large sizes available for very little money. A dong can be a wonderful way to introduce sex toys to your partner, and can be perfect for role playing or stepping out of the ordinary sexy routine. These objects are perfect for solo fun or couple’s time. Strap ons are a fun way to penetrate your partner while getting penetrated right back!

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