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Sportsheets Amber Blindfold
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    PipeDream Fetish Fantasy Satin Love Mask Blindfold
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    Bijoux Indiscrets Blindfold Passion Mask
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      Bijoux Indiscrets Shhh - Blindfold
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        Whether you're just dipping into the pool of bondage, or you're a veteran freak, Randy Fox has the blindfolds to send your erotic adventure to new heights. For novice and expert players alike, the feel of satin caressing your skin will be gentle and sensual.

        They say that when you lose one of your senses, the rest become more acute. The same concept can be applied to intimacy with your lover. Securing a blind fold around your partners head will instantly conjure feelings of excitement and anticipation of the unknown. Every touch, every breath and every glide of skin across skin will send a jolt of pleasure that's more intense than the last. The thrill of being incognito can also add an element of role-play to the affair that's unrivalled by lingerie and costumes. Sex presents an opportunity to experiment with new situations and toys that may seem taboo under any other context. With tools like these, your erotic exploration will only increase the heat of your relationship.

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