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ElectraStim Conductive Gel
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    Nalone Electro Massager
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      ElectraStim Intruder Extreme Electro Butt Plug
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        ElectraStim Wave Electro Metal Dildo
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          Electrastim - Silicone Fusion Viper Cock Shield
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            ElectraStim Electro Sex Toy Sensavox
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              ElectraStim Prestige Electro-Sex Cock Loops
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                Electrastim Prestige Cock Ring 50mm
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                  Electrastim Prestige Cock Ring 46mm
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                    Electrastim Prestige Cock Ring 42mm
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                      Electrastim Prestige Cock Ring 38mm
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                        Electrastim Prestige Cock Ring 34mm
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                          ElectraStim Mini Electro Butt Plug Small
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                            Electro Sex Toys are becoming an increasingly popular way to use electrostimulation in an erotic or sexual manner. Electro Adult products deliver electrical stimulation to the nerves and muscles of the body in order to sexually stimulate the areas which you desire.

                            You or your partner can control the intensity and where the electric impulses are felt, and many people are finding this new way of stimulation very satisfying. Whether it's for a sadist who wants to painfully, yet erotically, shock their masochist, or a lover who wants to deliver a different kind of stimulation, Electro Sex Toys provide versatile pleasure to any user.

                            The range of Shock Therapy and Electrastim products that provide Erotic Electrostimulation are for those who want a special kind of stimulation. Electric pulses bring increased blood flow to the area during massage. The pulses can vary in speed and intensity from a light tapping to a throbbing deep muscle massage.

                            Electro Sex Toys are also perfect for the erogenous zones of the body. Nipple clamps with pulses of electricity to cock cages with electric massage, each provides direct stimulation and are the perfect toys to stimulate. Whether the kit includes pads for direct stimulation to the muscles and external erogenous zones, or wands for internal stimulation, the muscles and tissues receive varying degrees of massaging electricity.

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