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Astroglide is a personal lubricant manufacturing company that has innovated unique and universal formulae for personal lubrication. It claims to be “indistinguishable from a person’s natural lubrication,” and suitable for all sexual activities. The greatest portion of its products is all natural and glycerin-free, which facilitates the most comfortable experiences.

Astroglide products are so naturally formulated they are paraben, glycerin, fragrance, alcohol, petroleum and sugar free. In short, this company provides lubricant that is completely safe, yet provides enough ease for the most vigorous activities. Astroglide is even promoted by such respected health professionals as Dr. Drew, the host of the popular show “Love Line.” People are convinced that Astroglide lubrication is the best on the market and will provide stellar lubrication for all sexual activity; mild to “unthinkable.”

Astroglide is popular with the younger community because it helps ease sexual newcomers into comfortable realms. It is also popular with the bondage crowd because the Astroglide formula is a cinch to work with, and provides lasting lubrication without breakdown through prolonged periods of penetration and fantasy play.

Astroglide is committed to helping people discover how to increase their sexual experiences through the knowledge of preserving sexual health. This company considers itself a world wide ambassador of sexual health and has named its own professional representative. Yvonne Fulbright is a degreed professional of the highest order and lends her expertise to the staff at Astroglide. In turn, they use her knowledge and expertise to continually formulate products which exceed the expectations of consumers. Astroglide is a sexual enhancement product company par excellence.

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