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Big Teaze Toys is a Los Angeles-based company that creates adult products for consenting adults and singles.The company was first founded in 1997.The company objective is to produce sex toys that are innovative, unique and only of the highest quality.More than anything, the Big Teaze Company wants its customers to feel good about their sexuality and to associate positive feelings with their self-pleasure or couples pleasure.The company extensively tests its products at trade shows to get a feel for what sex toy users want.

Big Teaze Toys made waves with their initial launch of the Rub My Duckie, a super-discreet bathtub vibrator.This waterproof toy was disguised as a rubber duckie but actually worked as a super-powered vibrator.This was a toy so discreet it could actually be kept on a bathtub, poolside or bedside.The Rub My Duckie toy started the entire Toys That Play with You campaign, and eventually saw a few sequels; Bondage Duckie, Black Duckie, Paris Duckie, Noir Duckie, Devil Duckie, Pirate Duckie, Pearl Blanc Duckie and a gag gift Rub My Duckie holiday ornament.

Big Teaze Toys has also branched out into other unique and discreet vibrating toys, like the Flower Power keychain vibe, which looks like a cartoony flower but actually brings women very animated orgasms.The Rub My Fishie toy and Rub My Wormie toy are other products that work similarly to the original Rubber Duckie.

The company has also started two other campaigns: Dai-Do, which covers condom cases and more traditional G-spot vibrators, as well as B-3, which are more discreet vibrators without the “toy story” slant.B-3 has the Tuyo Round Vibrator and the Onye Fleur Red Metallic Vibrator.

The Big Teaze Toys Company has won much critical acclaim, numerous awards and press coverage for its unique adult products.It has been featured in major magazines like Glamour, S’toys, Men’s Health, FHM, Playgirl and Cosmopolitan.These are toys that keep on giving!

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