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If you have an interest in adding new adult toys to your own collection, Jopen is a leading adult toy provider that prides itself in offering luxury toys at affordable rates. Jopen provides a luxury line of dildos, vibrators and even penis rings and toys for men that are all sleek, modern and extremely pleasurable. Finding the right toy for you from Jopen greatly depends on the type of pleasure you are seeking and whether you prefer a solo toy or a toy you can share and introduce to using with your partner.

One line from Jopen that offers a wide range of vibrators and dildos is Vanity, a line that solely provides purple dildos that come in many different shapes and sizes. Each shape that has been created within the Vanity line of dildos helps to create a new sensation during use based on its size, curves and the location of the curves on each toy.

Key is another line from Jopen that offers vibrant dildos and smaller, more discreet toys for those on the go or for anyone who travels frequently. Most Key dildos and vibrators are vibrant and can be hidden in a purse or anywhere around the home. Many of the toys from Key are also designed to specifically reach the G-spot during play.

Ego by Jopen provides smaller toys and penis rings which are ideal for men and anal play. The toys from Ego are created for couples and both genders and are also rechargeable using a USB device. All toys from Ego can be recharged in as little as 3 hours, saving on the investment of batteries and allow you more time to play. All toys are 100% waterproof, come with a one-year warranty and have incremental speed control options to enjoy any time you are playing as you wish.

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