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Close2You is an adult toy provider that believes music and vibrations bring harmony to one's life, contributing to the brand's main philosophy. Close2You provides vibrators of all sizes and colors with a variety of settings that are ideal for both beginners and those who are looking for intense and powerful toys in the bedroom.

The toys available from Close2You are all specially-designed to represent music, vibrations and positive emotions. Each vibrator is created from high-quality silicone and many toys that are sold from Close2You have multiple color options to choose from to complete your own collection. Close2You not only focuses on the size and shape of each vibrator specifically, but also the sounds the vibrations are capable of giving off during use, adding to the overall sensations that are experienced. Many of the toys include synchronised vibration settings to enjoy a unique experience regardless of the toys you have selected to add to your own life.

Along with traditional vibrators, Close2You also provides simulators for the anus as well. A few toys from Close2You are extremely versatile and have the ability to please both the vagina and anus depending on your partner's preferences and the type of pleasure you desire yourself. You can also find lubricant that is ideal for the toys being sold by Close2You to complete any sensual evening you may have planned.

All toys sold by Close2You are water resistant, odourless and phthalate free, giving you the highest quality and safest sex toys available on the market. Close2You also states that their toys have a low noise level so you can truly enjoy the additions you add to your collection discreetly at any time.

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