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Adorn your body with exotic designs and the flash of precious gems with Dazzlerz Body Ornaments. Dazzlerz creates adhesive body jewellery that gives a pop of bling to your best assets. Designed to enhance and tantalise, Dazzlerz add allure to any occasion from a romantic wedding to an intimate night of pleasure.

Dazzlerz Body Ornaments come in four different collections: Eye, Body, Intimate and 18+. Each collection contains a range of jewelled adornments certain to get you noticed.

Add drama and mystic to your eyes with Eye Dazzlerz. Eye Dazzlerz come in pairs and can be worn together or singly. From a single line of jewels that twinkle seductively, to cascades of vibrance with a tribal flair, all eyes will be drawn to yours when you wear Eye Dazzlerz.

If you love the idea of glimmer and glam showing up in unexpected places, try Body Dazzlers. Designed to enhance what you love to show off, Body Dazzlers are perfect accessories for the upper arm, lower back, or any place else you want to accentuate.

Of course, Dazzlerz provides the perfect tease for more intimate play. Dazzlerz Intimates entices with designs such as Moonlight and Gypsy that glitter from your bared shoulder or shimmer around your navel. And for an even more provocative glitter, try the 18+ collection. With sensuous styles meant to adorn your most intimate areas, the 18+ collection is sure to stoke the fires of desire in anyone lucky enough to gaze upon them.

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