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When you are seeking original and innovative adult novelties and toys to introduce into your relationship or with a partner you have, Empire Labs have a collection of items to browse from to find the ideal fit for you. Empire Labs is an innovative leader in supplying adult toys that are original, unique and useful for those who are single, dating or in committed long-term relationships.

Some of the most realistic and original toys have been produced by Empire Labs in attempt to give you the most pleasurable and satisfying experience in the bedroom as possible. The flagship products from Empire Labs however are the Clone-A-Willy adult novelty toy and Clone-A-Pussy toy. The clone toys available from Empire Labs allow you to essentially create a mold of your partner's own parts to enjoy at anytime.

Using the adult clone toys available from Empire Labs is ideal if you spend significant amount of time away from your spouse or partner or if you are in a long-term relationship and looking for a way to keep the spice and excitement alive. Empire Labs also provides finger vibrators and body spa vibrating bath sponges for pleasurable experiences that are discreet and possible just about anywhere, regardless of whether you are with a partner or solo.

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