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FleshJack designs a range of masturbation toys specifically for the gay male market. Products include masturbation sleeves, dildos, performance enhancers and anal toys.

FleshJack masturbation sleeves are created from realistic-feeling SuperSkin. Sleeves come with a variety of openings that include: mouth, bottom and Jack Ass. The sleeve slips inside a plastic case that resembles a flashlight and keeps the pressure firm while you thrust in and out of it.

FleshJack sleeves are designed with a variety of internal textures. Some mimic real oral and anal sensations while others take you on a wilder ride. For a smooth texture, try the original straight chamber or the super tight chamber. For a ribbed texture, choose the Wonder Wave for a series of widely-spaced ribs or the Super Ribbed for a succession of closely-spaced ribs. The Vortex has a series of tight chambers containing spiralled ribbing and the nubby texture of the Speed Bump texture is sure to rub you just the right way. Each unique texture is designed to heighten your pleasure in innovative ways.

FleshJack Boys are speciality FleshJacks modelled directly from the anatomy of adult movie stars and models. The sleeves come with oral or anal openings, a signature blue case and their own range of speciality textures. FleshJack Boys is an intimate way to join in the fun with your favorite actor.

FleshJack knows that strength and stamina are important to performance. They’ve designed a range of speciality training products to make you into an exceptional lover. Ramps and mounts help you increase your stamina while performing in common positions. Or perfect your rhythm and endurance with a stamina sleeve.

To complement your masturbation experience, FleshJack offers a range of accessories designed to enhance your experience. Vibrating anal probes let you enjoy penetration while masturbating. Or use custom lubes like fire and ice to add another layer of sensation. FleshJack has the products to make your intimate experiences extraordinary.

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