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If you've been craving a sweet treat in the heat of the night, Heavenly Body Sauces is the brand that will bring all your dessert delights to fruition.

All Heavenly Nights products were developed to embrace your indulgent side. From body paints, to massage oils, Heavenly nights has all the tools you need to plan an evening of unforgettable seduction.

Heavenly Body Sauces come in four distinct flavours that are made with the finest natural ingredients. Chocolate & French Orange, Chocolate & Mexican Coffee, Milk Chocolate Fudge and Chocolate & Irish Cream are all delicious treats that are the perfect accompaniment to a sensual experience.

The possibilities are endless, and what you do with your Heavenly Body Sauces is ultimately up to you. The consistency is velvety smooth, promising a silky touch as it comes into contact with skin, and the flavours are rich and infused with real liqueurs. A great tip is to warm the body sauce up a bit before engaging in play. That way, the heat of the night is guaranteed to be even more molten.

Heavenly Body Sauces also make fabulous gifts. Whether there's a bachelorette party coming up, or you're just looking for something special for Valentine's Day, these confections will be a delight for anyone seeking to combine the magic of love and chocolate.

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