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JoyDivision is an international provider of erotic products and adult novelty toys that strives to deliver items all around the globe. Currently, JoyDivision offers more than 200 toys and personal items available for purchase online. From classic vibrators to lubrication and bondage gear, JoyDivision offers an array of options to help create any type of special evening you have in mind.

Traditional vibrators are available from JoyDivision with a variety of styles, shapes, sizes and vibration patterns. Many of the vibrators available from JoyDivision are water-resistant and created with premium silicone that is antibacterial and odourless. There are additional mini vibrators available for a more compact toy without losing the power of the vibrations still provided.

Massage oils and lotions are also available from JoyDivison, in addition to the entire line of lubrication that is offered. The lubrication line from JoyDivision requires only a few drops to enjoy the sensations and benefits. There are additional types of lubricants with flavours and a variety of scents to choose from in addition to the official AQUAglide line from JoyDivison.

Lifestyle Loveballs is an entire collection available from JoyDivison, providing various shapes of sex toy balls that are ideal for strengthening vaginal muscles or helping you to feel more comfortable with anal sex. Strengthening the pelvic muscles helps to feel more during intercourse, adding to the enjoyment you have with your partner.

For the couple who is interested in spicing up their love lives, JoyDivision has also created a line of "soft" bondage gear, including fluffy handcuffs, ropes and blindfolds. Adding a twist to a special night you have planned can help you to take your relationship to the next level.

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