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Technological improvement is a vital part of manufacturing the most effective, safe and pleasure-inducing adult sex toys. Many companies produce items which only vaguely mimic true biologic functions. La Viva is completely immersed in perfecting toys that can create the most life-like and memorable sensations possible.

One of the most popular male masturbators to hit the market is the Love Light. This convenient handful of synthetic flesh pleases any man that has the pleasure of owning it. With the incredibly successful Love Light, La Viva produces items that have only the most exquisite feel and construction. Every session with a La Viva product will set a person’s orgasmic standards higher and higher.

La Viva houses an extended staff of health and physiology specialists that design and faithfully test the latest evolutions in adult sex toy technology. Whether it is LED display panels, or improved ergonomic and vibration production designs, La Viva constantly strives to provide a more authentic and carefree experience. Most of their products are effective when used as personal devices, but they are also easily integrated into couple’s and group situations. La Viva has become a popular choice for men and women who know exactly how to please themselves and others. The company also places great importance on fashionable, trendy toy appearance.

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