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Manbound is a respected and widespread subsidiary of Sportsheets International LLC. They are also closely tied to other adult product distributors like Sex In The Shower and Naughty Night Out. Manbound, and its affiliate Manline, were “accidental” sex toy start-ups with inspiration from late night television culture. The companies started by selling beginner’s bondage equipment. Their popularity grew and the demand for Manbound products has propelled the company to success.

Though they offer products suitable for traditional couples, Manbound is primarily a gay-oriented sex toy and bondage equipment supplier headquartered in Huntington Beach, Ca. The products they offer reach into the heart of extreme taboo sexual fantasy. From paddles, whips and restraints to P-Spot massagers and genital constriction equipment, Manbound offers the most popular and proven gay sexual aides.

All materials used in Manbound products like rubber, leather, stainless steel and phthalate-free ABS are tested to meet the highest health standards. They are designed with universal appeal and versatility in mind. Man-to-man sexual exploration is the company’s primary focus, yet they always guarantee their product’s quality no matter who benefits from their use. They encourage commercial patrons to contact them through their homepage with any questions and comments. Manbound is open to all of its customers. It wants that attitude to permeate the mindset of those individuals seeking a boost in the bedroom from the utilisation their line of products.

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